Ariana Grande, Jimmy Fallon Do ‘Ew!’ Together, Go Viral With ‘Tonight Show’ YouTube Video

The popular series called “Ew!” from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with Ariana Grande is going totally viral, with nearly 700,000 views within hours since the video was uploaded to YouTube on March 20. Grande plays a girl who is friends with Jimmy’s “Sara with no h because h’s are ew!” Ariana’s character is sad because she only has three likes on Instagram, so Fallon’s Sara suggest they take a selfie.

The YouTube video starring Grande and Fallon is so popular that YouTube’s “Popular Right Now” list by #PopularOnYouTube — lists it as the most popular out of 200 videos that have received a combined 105,304,487 views, updated today.

In the “Ew!” video, the “girls” hang out in a location that’s designed to look like a basement, and whilst sitting on the couch and taking that selfie, Jimmy proves to have remarkably hairless and clean underarms for a man, yet still has hairy forearms that give him away. Sara’s step-dad Gary comes trotting down the stairs as he does in most “Ew!” videos, trying his best to be hip with talk of “hashpipes” instead of “hashtags” and totally butchers the Instagram name. Gary offers the girls some yogurt, calls them Four Non Blondes, and does a little singing routine that has both Sara and her friend screaming for him to go back upstairs.

As for the photos that Fallon’s character holds up for Ariana to judge, those include hummus, neck pillows, and a venti-sized latte — but Grande prefers grande, naturally. Richard Dreyfus is cute, Ariana says, cracking herself up with the way they pronounced “cute” with their tongues hanging out — her laughter breaks the scene in that way that SNL characters reportedly do when they want the audience to crack up as well. Ariana defends Dreyfus’ cuteness by mentioning Close Encounters of the Third Kind, something Sara has never heard of.

When she’s not appearing in “Ew!” routines with Fallon, Ariana can be found back on Jimmy’s couch, skipping over her awesome Mariah Carey impression in order to perform an amazing Celine Dion as well, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Grande has also recently donned her signature kitten ears, as during her Madison Square Garden concert on Friday, with a skimpy leotard ensemble that featured thigh-high boots and fish net stockings to go along with a choker type of necklace and a see-through miniskirt. As reported by the Daily Mail, Ariana’s outfit was topped of by a deep neckline resembling that of a corset.

[Image via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon]