Rey Mysterio Under Fire Following Death Of Mexican Wrestler Perro Aguayo Jr. During Match - Updated Details

Danny Cox

Tragedy struck last night in Mexico as 35-year-old Mexican wrestling star El hijo Del Perro Aguayo, Jr. died following a match with former WWE star Rey Mysterio. There have been some mixed reports regarding his death, and now there is heat coming upon Mysterio, Manik, and Xtreme Tiger.

Perro Aguayo died following a match in which he was teaming with Manik to face off with Mysterio and Xtreme Tiger. Per Deadspin, Manik and Aguayo fell onto the ropes after taking a dropkick which set up Mysterio to perform his 6-1-9 maneuver.

At this point, Aguayo had gone limp and was just hanging on the ring ropes and eventually slumped down to the mat. Trainers attended to him as the other wrestlers continued the match, and he was soon taken to a nearby hospital in Tijuana.

Aguayo was declared dead shortly after that, around 1 a.m. local time.

— WrestlingNews.Co (@WrestlingNewsCo) March 21, 2015

WrestleZone is reporting that there is no-one claiming that Mysterio was responsible for the death of Aguayo, but some are still not pleased. There are those stating the match should have been stopped immediately as it was clearly evident that something was wrong.

Videos from different angles have appeared online, but some are being taken down. One of those most recent seems to show that Aguayo was knocked out before he hit the ropes. It seems to also show that no-one in the match was aware of the seriousness of the situation.

Initial reports state that Perro Aguayo died due to cervical spine trauma happening when the ropes hit him in the trachea/neck and caused him whiplash, per Wrestling News. As you can see, Aguayo did not end up taking the 6-1-9 from Mysterio.

Aguayo is believed to have suffered a concussion earlier in the match and that he would end up being fine. Other unconfirmed reports say there may have been a brain hemorrhage, but an official cause of death has yet to be released.

People on Twitter are even stating that they believe Rey Mysterio could be charged in the death of Aguayo, but that is rather far-fetched at this time. Others are saying that Mysterio killed Aguayo, but that hasn't been confirmed or reported either.

— Kenny (@Kennyo415) March 21, 2015

Full video of the match has now been released online as well.

Again, there is no official cause of death released for Perro Aguayo, Jr. as of Saturday afternoon, but no-one is blaming Rey Mysterio, Xtreme Tiger, or Manik. Still, major heat is raining down on those three wrestlers via social media for continuing the match.

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