Suge Knight Collapses Over $25 Million Bail: Uses ‘Empire’ Defense For Violence, Murder, Extortion, Intimidation

Marion “Suge” Knight has gained fame as a media mogul despite a long history of intimidation and violence. Although his lawyer attempted to defend him, the judge cited the scary saga of Suge in naming a $25 million bail that caused the mogul to collapse, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

After Knight became unconscious, the courtroom was cleared to allow paramedics the space that they needed. Matthew Fletcher, who is the defense attorney for the case, said Suge had not regained consciousness when he exited the courtroom as well.

In addition, Fletcher cited a lack of adequate care for Knight’s health problems, which include both a blood clot and diabetes. Because Knight said he had not been provided with his medication in a timely manner, the lawyer requested better access.

“He’s being treated worse than Charles Manson,” contended Fletcher.

The collapse is not without precedent for Suge. Court staff had to call for an ambulance three times previously for the ongoing trial that focuses on charges that Knight is responsible for the death of 55-year-old Terry Carter.

Those charges claim that Suge used his truck as a murder weapon, running down Carter to kill him.

In determining the bail amount, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ronald S. Coen headed the argument of Deputy District Attorney Cynthia Barnes. Barnes informed the court that when Suge hit both Carter and a second victim with his truck, he already was on bail as a result of a robbery case.

“[Knight] escalated his behavior and committed murder,” stated the district attorney.

At 49, Suge has submitted not-guilty pleas to all the charges, which include hit-and-run, murder, and attempted murder.

But Knight’s history goes beyond the current charges, reported the Daily Beast.

That history includes intimidating threats to Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, as well as a total of 26 victims in his wake. Among the list of allegations are extortion, acts of violence, and money laundering.

An unnamed manager to a rapper informed the police of the extortion situation.

“The manager said he believes Suge Knight and Big U are actually working together to extort money from rappers and artists,” revealed Sergeant Richard Biddle, who works for the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.

So how can Fletcher defend his client? The lawyer made court history to creating the Empire defense, based on the popular TV show. In that defense, he claimed that the prosecutor watched Empire and thus had used the fictional plot to concoct the charges and accusations.

“It’s like she watches Empire and comes in and says, ‘He was an unrepentant and shameless criminal. Prosecute him,'” argued Fletcher.

With regard to the blood clot, no additional details on the severity was provided. However, as the Inquisitr reported, blood clots can be deadly, as in the case of the “Miller High Life” actor who died suddenly when he was only 36 from a blood clot that traveled to his lung.

[Photo by Chad Buchanan/Getty Images for Moet USA]