Shocking Video Footage Shows Schoolgirls In Huge Brawl [Video]

Girls are normally termed the “fairer” or “weaker” sex, and fights of this nature usually involve young guys. However, after this shocking, no-holds-barred mass brawl happened in a corridor at a high school in Western Sydney in Australia, five students, including the victim, were placed on suspension. The shocking video footage of the fight is now going viral on the social media.

Apparently, the whole thing started with two friends having an argument at recess, but the whole thing escalated and went totally out of control.

As other horrified students looked on, the fight continued and grew, ending up with one girl, the victim, in the center of the fight, trying desperately to shield herself, while around five other girls rain punches down on her.

One of the students caught the whole fight as shocking video footage on her phone, which was first posted on Facebook and then published by the Australian news channel Nine News. The Mirror quotes a witness as saying it was so wild, but she couldn’t move away.

“Punching her in the face and pulling hair, there was so much screaming. It was so wild, I was getting pushed around, I couldn’t move because of how many people were jumping in the fight.”

Watching the video, it is difficult to make out who was hitting who. According to another student, boys on the edge of the crowd were encouraging other girls to get involved. It seems there was some strong language involved too, but this has been “beeped” out of the shocking video footage.

“All older boys were pushing random girls into it and that’s how it got bigger and bigger.”

When a male teacher tried to intervene in the fight, it barely stopped the frenzied girls. Now five of them, including the victim, have been suspended by the school.

The Daily Record reports that Nine News interviewed one of the girls involved in the fight. She said that she only joined in when another girl pulled her hair.

“I didn’t really want to fight but then my adrenaline was just rushing after she pulled my hair. We never wanted it to go like this big massive all-in brawl.”

Having watched the shocking video footage above, what is your reaction to the behavior of these girls? Did they take the whole thing too far?

[Image: Screengrab from video]