Alessandra Ambrosio: Malibu Topless Photoshoot With Children Present All In Day’s Work

In wake of Alessandra Ambrosio’s topless photoshoot in Malibu on Thursday, it’s apparent that two different styles of report were at play. On one hand, a story covered Alessandra’s beauty and talked about her ubiquitous boobs, while another focused on Ambrosia’s parenting style. In the latter, many readers questioned why would the Victoria’s Secret supermodel posed half-naked while her kids accompanied her?

Thursday, the 33-year-old Brazilian Angel showed up for work as part of a beachside fashion campaign. Accompanying Alessandra were her fiance, Jamie Mazur, and her kids, 6-year-old Anja and 2-year-old Noah. Needless to say, Ambrosia looked amazing on the Malibu beach. She donned a pair of distressed denims and little more than a drop-necklace. The barefooted model wore her brunette locks loosely to sway in the wind as she posed for different shots.

But when TMZ posted a few images of the model posing in nature’s bra — while her kids looked on and played around in the background — the internet went ablaze with commentary on her decision to have them present while she flung her ta-tas about on the beach.

Not surprisingly, there was no consensus to a poll conducted by the tabloid. At the time of this writing, there were nearly 50,000 respondents to a question asked whether or not Alessandra Ambrosio posing topless in Malibu while her kids were present was proper or weird. The results are mixed with 51 percent saying it’s not proper versus 49 percent of those that say there’s nothing unusual about the entire thing.

The Victoria’s Secret model is no stranger to letting it all hang out. She’s been snapped on many occasions relaxing on sandy beaches and enjoying time with those she loves and cares about. Alessandra appears to be in a good place: she loves being a mommy and cares deeply about the man in her life.

A writer from The Gloss said Alessandra’s shots on the beach — even with the kids present — was “innocuous.” They offered a retort to TMZ’s “snarky” reporting on the matter.

“Breasts are simultaneously revered and over-sexualized or feared and considered offensive. The thought of women breastfeeding in public causes pandemonium in some circles, while the internet ‘breaks’ (aka rejoices?) when someone attractive puts her boobs on display. Guess what? The woman’s breast is the exact same as a man’s boob!

“Ambrosio is a grown woman who is an a) famous, professional model, b) a woman who can totally make her own decisions about what she does with her body, and c) a woman who can make her own decisions about what she does with her family. It’s not weird at all that a woman whose job it is to model her body takes her family (who, rest assured, has seen her at work before, I am sure) to a photo-shoot. No shaming needed.”

Weigh in. Do you think that Alessandra Ambrosia going topless in Malibu — or anywhere else — is appropriate in presence of her children?

[Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Audi]