Lil Wayne’s New Tour Starts In Tampa: ‘Five Hour Wait For Two Songs’

Over the past month, Lil Wayne has been promising to spend more time with fans since his blow out with Cash Money and Birdman. Lil Wayne has made good on his promises by putting out new songs with other artists, working on a new album, and doing interviews. It’s almost as if Lil Wayne has no time for gossip, but he did recently tell reporters that he was mad at Drake for romancing his girlfriend while he was in jail.

Along with keeping his promises to fans, Lil Wayne has been in the studio recording between performances for the Free Weezy Album (#FWA). Lil Wayne has also been spending part of March planning a big tour that had a soft start in the first weeks of March.

Now, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, the official club tour is scheduled until May 31, with almost 20 cities included. However, as St. Louis learned the hard way, Lil Wayne is known to drop some last minute “emergency” cancellations.

It turns out that Lil Wayne might drop your town on his tour to doing some major performances. For example, Lil Wayne played a last-minute set at SXSW on March 14 instead of playing a previously-scheduled date in St. Louis.

Despite dropping the St. Louis show and rescheduling it for May 31, Lil Wayne is showing he plans to honor other tour dates. On March 19, Lil Wayne played a show in Tampa, Florida, and the fans went wild on social media.

After the Tampa show, Lil Wayne wrote on his Instagram account, “Tampa dat was dope AF I luh yall like yall luh me! Yall been down wit a ni55a since polos & girbauds! I fux wit ya! #FWA”

The Tampa Bay Times wrote a review of Lil Wayne’s show and said, “Every person in Club Skye Thursday night could wring out their clothes and catch a contact high by the time Lil Wayne decided to start rapping. The rapper, in town for his annual trip the Tampa Pro competition at the Skatepark of Tampa, deigned to bless the audience with two songs from his mixtape ‘Sorry 4 The Wait 2,’ and two feature verses from Nicki Minaj singles.”

Lil Wayne Last Night at Club Skye

— Markee McFly (@Markee_Mcfly) March 20, 2015

Lil Wayne finally went on stage at 2:20 a.m. to a thirsty crowd with “a prescription bottle stuffed with what we’ll assume were herbal remedies.” Lil Wayne thanked the crowd for waiting in the extreme heat and started singing “Coco.”

The reviewer concluded by saying, “He probably spent more time silently vibing with the crowd and DJ than performing, but when he was on, he was on, as always. It was as advertised.”

Video from the Lil Wayne Tampa event was posted on YouTube by 1 Love Magazine and shows Lil Wayne up close with fans. Photos of Lil Wayne performing in the club were posted by fans on Facebook that went to see the show in Tampa in person. The videos and photos show Lil Wayne topless or covered in sweat due to the humid temperatures in Tampa that night.

On Lil Wayne’s Instagram photo about the show, fans from the Tampa performance are saying how much they appreciate him coming to Club Skye and how much they loved his show. Another Tampa Twitter Lil Wayne fan stated that there was “nothing more important” than going to see him perform.

Nevertheless, there are a few complaints about the show. One tweet reveals that the club where Lil Wayne performed was “stupid packed.” Another popular retweet on Twitter is from a quote in the review from the Tampa Bay Times that states, “Fans waiting for 5 hours and then [Lil Wayne] did only 2 songs!”

Otherwise, it looks like Lil Wayne’s club tour is officially off to a good start.

Lil Wayne is in Tampa ain’t nothing else more important.

— jay allen (@all3kn) March 19, 2015

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