‘The Big Bang Theory’s’ Jim Parsons, Dishes On His Scientific Knowledge And Lisa Kudrow As Desired Guest [Video]

Jim Parsons With Emmy
Jim Parsons, best known as the The Big Bang Theory’s iconic Sheldon Cooper, recently discussed his scientific knowledge, and who he would like to guest star on the show. Parsons said that he’s a big fan of Friends’ Lisa Kudrow and would love if she could play a part on The Big Bang Theory. He stressed that he didn’t know what role she could play, and that the writers would decide that.

Parsons also dished about his personal scientific knowledge. His Mensa-candidate genius physicist Sheldon Cooper is unparalleled in his field. Does Jim Parsons have a scientific background? Not according to Jim. In an interview posted on Yahoo! News, he stated the following, noting that he can hold a scientific conversation, but, understandingly, doesn’t know the specific meaning of all the scientific terms his character espouses.

“I understand enough to look like I understand what I’m talking about is how I would put it. The science stuff I rarely understand more than how to pronounce the words and what order they go in, and I’m dead serious about that. The conversational stuff, I understand all of that. He still has a weird way of putting words together even when it’s normal talk.”

Of course, Parsons is an exceptional actor, making his socially awkward theoretical physicist seem so real, yet comically charming. After all, he’s won four Emmy awards for his portrayal of Sheldon Cooper. He seemed genuinely surprised at the warm welcome he regularly receives from the public, who have embraced his sometimes socially-inept Cooper character, stating the following reported by Yahoo! News.

“It’s a very warm reaction always, and the only thing I find funny about that is I would think people might think Sheldon might be a little off-putting. But people don’t approach me that way at all. People are eager and warm.”

A link to the video of his interview can be found here at the Belfast Telegraph. Of course, although Jim Parsons anticipates playing Cooper for the foreseeable future, he also wants to play other roles, including dramatic ones, according to the Inquisitr.

Parsons will be heard as the voice of a purple alien who invades earth in the Dreamworks’ movie Home, to be released March 27. The actor played a dramatic role in HBO’s successful film The Normal Heart, about the HIV-AIDs crisis in New York in the 1980s. Director Ryan Murphy praised Jim Parsons’ acting skills and range, stating the following.

“The eulogy scene was not in the play. It was written by Larry for screen and written specifically for Jim, to give him a really big aria. It was a whole day of filming and Jim was letter perfect on take one. I knew he was going to get very emotional very quickly because how can you not? Jim is a very emotional actor. I think I did his close-up first, which is usually the last thing you do. I’m glad that I did because I think 75 percent of the scene is the close-up and that was his first take. The thing about Jim and the reason why that scene works is that Jim as a person, an artist and an actor has a really rare gift. He has a real purity and simplicity.”

On May 5, the actor will again play a role on Broadway. In the past, he reprised the role of Elwood P. Dowd played in the movie by Jimmy Stewart, in the hit Broadway revival of Harvey in 2012. He also played in the Broadway debut in the 2011 revival of The Normal Heart, as well as off-Broadway in The Castle, The Fourth Sister, and Small Tragedy, according to Broadway.com.

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