‘Gravity Rush Remaster’ Possibly Leaked By Korean Game Rating Board

Gravity Rush, one of the best titles to date on the PlayStation Vita may be receiving a remastered edition release on the PlayStation 4. Popular video game message board site NEOGaf posted a translated capture of the KGRB site listing Gravity Rush Remaster with the tag “<PS4>.”

Gravity Rush Remaster would not be the first game to be leaked by the Korean Game Rating Board. In October of 2014, Gamespot reported on the leak of Limbo for the Xbox One by the KRGB. Having a remastered edition of Gravity Rush would also not be out of character for publisher Sony, who owns the IP and is currently funding development of Gravity Rush 2. Not much is known about the development of the sequel to the beautiful gravity-based adventure game.

Gravity Rush was originally slated to to be a PlayStation 3 game but was switched over to the PS Vita in 2009. The game was developed in tandem with the PS Vita and necessitated a move to Windows in order to continue development since the final hardware specs were not available. The PlayStation Vita, while an impressive system, has not been the sales juggernaut Sony had hoped for and last year Sony made it clear that AAA development titles such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss would no longer be in the works for the hand held. This makes the news of Gravity Rush Remaster coming to the PlayStation 4 a rumor that is more easy to believe with Gravity Rush 2 more than likely coming to the PlayStation 4.

Gravity Rush takes place in a fantasy world where the city-state of Hekseville sits along the trunk of a giant tree that stretches far into the sky and deep into the darkness below. The player controls the character Kat, who can defy the laws of gravity and fly through the air to traverse and engage in combat. The PS Vita could be used to steer Kat or the analog stick would serve the same purpose. Inertia, flight and combat constructed the underpinnings of the game’s mechanics. The plot was considered mediocre by many critics but the visuals were lauded as one of the highlights of the experience.

If Gravity Rush 2 is indeed coming to the PlayStation 4, it makes sense to offer a Gravity Rush Remastered title to consumers so they can delve into the fascinating world and the ambiguous plot that centers around time distortion, dreams, and creepy creatures known as “Nevi.” Owners of the PS Vita who may not have played Gravity Rush, or picked it up as a PlayStation Plus game as the Inquisitr reported on previously, can pick the game up for $.81 on the PlayStation Store as part of a flash sale currently going on as of the writing of this article here.

[Image Source | Gravity Rush]