Lana Del Rey Name Dropping Grows -- 'Empire' And Amal Clooney

Lana Del Rey is frequently referenced in the media outside of her music, but most accounts are speculations on her romantic interests. Or, Lana Del Rey will occasionally be singled out for her comments on things like telling Fader that she thinks feminism is kind of boring -- and that we should talk about intergalactic possibilities instead.

However, what is most interesting about Lana Del Rey is how she seems to be name-dropped in increasing numbers -- including a recent episode of Empire. In fact, Lana Del Rey is so popular that people hope that she is trying to name drop them.

Starting with the oldest example of gaining popularity from being associated with Lana Del Rey's name is a band from Chicago. The Del Reys have Lana Del Rey's name to thank for their success in Europe. While they do not name drop Lana Del Rey, being associated with her name was enough to turn the tables for this band.

How did Lana Del Rey help The Del Rays? In 2012, The Chicago Reader noted that The Del Reys were becoming popular in Germany because Germans love Lana Del Rey so much. Since the names are similar, they would often come up together in search engine results for Germans. For instance, when Lana Del Rey released Blue Jeans, The Del Reys had a spike in music sales at Germany's Amazon.

For the record, The Del Reys of Chicago were around before Lana Del Rey became popular -- but the NYC Del Reys released their first album in 2010 (like Lana Del Rey did). Which leads to the question: Could Lana Del Rey have been name dropping the Chicago Del Reys?

Lana Del Rey is also name dropped when the media talks about other celebrities. For example, Amal Clooney recently shopped at Manhattan's vintage designer secret called What Goes Around Comes Around. The writer of the TV3 article was quick to name drop Lana Del Rey and say that she shopped there too.

Lana Del Rey is also frequently referenced for the sake of referencing someone popular. This happened to Lana Del Rey on a recent Empire episode. The Chicago Tribune recaps the episode with the Lana Del Rey name drop stating, "The love triangle on Fox's hit series Empire was ignited when Empire Entertainment head of A&R Anika Calhoun said she was flying to Chicago to work on a contract with singer Lana Del Rey..."

In other situations, people hope that Lana Del Rey is referencing them in order to share in her popularity. A good example is when Lana Del Rey released Ultraviolence. The foundation behind Anthony Burgess, the author of A Clockwork Orange, hoped Lana Del Rey was referencing the word ultraviolence that was used in the book.

MTV reported that a representative from the International Anthony Burgess Foundation stated "It would be interesting to hear what impact the book (or the film) had on Lana artistically.... [However] If her use of the term 'ultraviolence' and her reference to Anthony Burgess' novel leads others across the globe to discover Burgess' work, then that's a great thing. [sic]"

Need other Lana Del Rey name dropping examples? Add these to the list of Lana Del Rey name drops over the past year that have included popularity seekers like punk rocker Kim Gordon and rapper Eminem.

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