Janet Napolitano Calls Protest ‘Crap,’ Later Admits She Doesn’t ‘Normally Use’ That Word

University of California President Janet Napolitano is apologizing for a comment she made after a student protest broke out during a regents meeting earlier this week.

According to the Associated Press, via Times Union, a regents meeting on Wednesday was met with a protest from UC students who are outraged over multiple issues, including a plan to have tuition increase 5 percent over the next five years. The students threw around fake money and stripped off their clothes while shouting, “Egregious! Step off it! Put people over profits.”

It was at that point Janet Napolitano turned to board chairman Bruce Varner and suggested the two of them should leave. What Napolitano did not know was that her microphone was still on during the protest, and a camera operator caught the exchange she had with Varner.

“Let’s go. We don’t have to listen to this crap.”

With her comment about the protest leaking to the public, Janet Napolitano apologized before the start of the regents meeting the following day, according to SFGate.

“I was caught on a mic with a word that was unfortunate. So I want to just say I apologize for that. I ask for your empathy and understanding in my comments, but also to say that we have public comment to listen to comments about serious things expressed seriously.”

Napolitano later reiterated that she was sorry for what she said during the protest, and the term she used to describe it is not something she often says.

“Again, I’m sorry for using a word I don’t normally use, but so be it.”

But there are some students who are still not happy about the comment Janet Napolitano made. One of those was UC Berkley senior Spencer Pritchard, who participated in the protest, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

“It’s indicative of how she feels when students raise their voice.”

Pritchard is not the only person who isn’t accepting Janet Napolitano’s apology. The president of the UC Student Association, Jefferson Kuoch-Seng, released a statement saying that the comment Napolitano made during the protest proves she does not care for what students have to say.

“Her role as president has given her the opportunity to be a true champion for students and the future of public higher education, but the comments she made point to disrespect for public expression of the student interest.”

Do you feel Janet Napolitano is being truthful with her apology?

[Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]