Metal Gear Online to shut down for good in June

Konami announced today that after four years of operation, the company will be shutting down Metal Gear Online on June 12.

Konami broke the news over on their website (via Andriasang), making it plain and clear that Metal Gear Online would be shutting down in June. Interestingly, it seems like the shutdown was overdue–Konami says that the game was only intended to last for three years.

Metal Gear Online originally launched alongside Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots back in 2008, but it later saw standalone releases. It wasn’t quite as popular as other online shooters, but it nonetheless managed to build up an impressive following, impressive enough that Konami decided to keep it going for another year.

The shutdown won’t happen all at once, however–Konami will be shutting down Metal Gear Online in phases. On March 21, Konami will be shutting down the MGO shop, and on April 24 the company will be shutting down new player registrations. On that same day, however, all of the game’s expansion packs will be made available to download free of charge.

Are you disappointed that Metal Gear Online will be taken down?