Chris Soules Dissed By Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban? They Aren’t Hollywood’s Only Unlikely ‘Bachelor’ Fans

Chris Soules is a big fat fake, according to Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban — or at least that’s what a tabloid source allegedly overheard the A-list couple saying during a recent dinner party.

According to Life & Style, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban let their Bachelor fandom flags fly while having dinner with a group of friends. A source told the tabloid that the couple gossiped about how “phony and fake” Prince Farming is, and country star Keith even speculated that the blonde hunk o’ beef doesn’t actually live on that sprawling farm.

“He said that Chris pretends to live in a desolate area on a farm, but he bets he really lives in an apartment in Des Moines,” the source dished. “He said Chris is just trying to look like a corn-fed guy.”

Perhaps Nicole Kidman’s hubby is just jealous because he didn’t get an invite to appear on the songwriting Bachelor episode that featured fellow country artists Big & Rich.

This Chris Soules diss might seem like a tall tabloid tale on the surface, but there are actually A-listers out there who aren’t afraid to admit to being fans of The Bachelor. According to Us Weekly, Sean Penn recently told talk show host Jimmy Kimmel that he and girlfriend Charlize Theron enjoy watching The Bachelor together. Penn even shared his thoughts on who the next Bachelorette should be — he revealed that he’s Team Kaitlyn (and Team Crying).

“I don’t really want to hear the conversations, I want to know the decisions. You can decide on this one or this one. And I want to see somebody cry. And then see somebody get ecstatic and then see them cry.”

“It’s going to have to be Kaitlyn,” Sean Penn replied after Jimmy Kimmel asked whether he’d like to see Kaitlyn Bristowe or Britt Nilsson as the next Bachelorette.

The eligible guys competing on the next season of The Bachelorette definitely had a tough choice to make.

Chris Soules is supposed to be with his soul mate now, but he’s still acting like he’s on The Bachelor by spending time with more than one woman — Soules is currently splitting his time between fiancee Whitney Bischoff and Dancing with the Stars partner Witney Carson. There’s no word on whether Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are watching Prince Farming compete on DWTS, but, if they are, Whitney Bischoff promises that they won’t see any relationship drama. During a recent interview with Windy City Live, Bischoff revealed that she’s not worried about Soules spending so much time with Carson — she knew what she and her future husband were getting into when signed up for DWTS.

“Before Chris signed up for ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ he brought it to my attention, and we had a serious conversation about it — and that’s something I knew going into it. We talked about it, I trust him, and I feel very confident in what we have.”

Do you agree with Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s alleged assessment of Chris Soules, and do you think Prince Farming and Whitney Bischoff will survive Dancing with the Stars?

[Image credits: Rick Diamond, Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty]