Bill Murray Appears On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' And It's Just A Little Bit Weird [Video]

Bill Murray, as anyone who has heard that name knows, can be a bit out there. He is known for being a bit of an eccentric. Now he may be taking it to a new level.

Jimmy Kimmel Live is currently filming in Austin, Texas, in honor of SXSW (South by SouthWest), a music, film, and interactive festival. In true Murray fashion, Bill had to make an entrance fit for the situation.

As the Huffington Post reports, he arrived on the set of Kimmel Live wearing a dress, riding a horse, and accompanied by a full Mariachi band.

Jimmy may have described Bill in the best way during the comedian's introduction.

"He is a one man festival on his own, and he's with us for no other reason than to bring joy to our lives..."

Bill Murray does indeed to that, especially during this interview. In clips of the interview on ABC News, Murray spoke of his son, who coaches college basketball. Bill tries to call his son during games to give much-needed support and advice. Unfortunately, though the phone can be seen ringing in the son's pocket, he never answers. I suppose he may be a little busy.

There were some products plastered with Murray's face shown off. But the best part of the interview was probably the words of wisdom that the legend imparted on viewers.

Bill elaborates on being a bartender and tells Jimmy his specialty drink: Water! He notes that real drinkers always have a glass of water with their alcoholic beverage to stay hydrated. As Murray advises, staying hydrated is extremely important as the weather starts to heat up.

Can I just note how pretty Bill looks? He can dress really well. His whole ensemble matches and he can layer! And come on, did anyone else clock those legs? Little did we know that this is not the first time Murray has dressed himself and he can put on makeup?

Not all that surprising, really, given who we are talking about.

Getting burned in the face by a cigarette is a good reason to chuck your make up artist and do it yourself. Go, Bill!

Does Bill Murray's behavior surprise anyone anymore? Well, maybe the cowgirl entrance was a bit unexpected. What do you think Bill Murray will come up with next?

[Photo via YouTube Screenshot]