‘Glee’ Spoilers: Series Finale Brings Closure, Happy Endings, Surprises, And Tears

Friday night Fox will air the Glee series finale, and fans know they will need to have tissues handy. The first hour is titled “2009,” and the last hour of the show is titled “Dreams Come True.” What Glee spoilers are available for this last night at McKinley High?

The first part of Friday’s series finale will focus on flashbacks to when the teens all first ran into one another and considered joining the glee club. Just as fans would expect, there will be plenty of Finn incorporated it seems, and teasers indicate that there will be some powerful moments involving Kurt as well.

Many viewers would say the show just hasn’t been the same since Cory Monteith’s passing, and a finale without Finn wouldn’t have seemed right. Luckily, Ryan Murphy and those with the show knew that and are including Finn in this last episode.

TVLine shares a preview clip showing Rachel and Kurt doing the song “Popular” from Wicked, and many long-time fans will remember that the two had done another Wicked tune back in Season 1. Glee spoilers indicate that there will be big reveals ahead, including some information on Artie’s original club audition song.

In addition, there is said to be a surprising appearance in this “2009” hour. Many think that will turn out to be Blaine, who apparently crossed paths with Kurt long before the two connected as students and later as a couple.

Other Glee spoilers tease big returns from key past characters. Puck, Mercedes, and Quinn are back in some way along with many other glee club members, as are Mr. Schuester’s ex-wife Terri and fan-favorite Jayma Mays as Emma. There will be another Slushie stunt pulled, and Mercedes is said to have an amazing solo in this finale.

Fans can also look forward to big moments with Sue Sylvester, some of them being even kind and touching. Entertainment Weekly shares a Glee spoiler preview showing Sue, Kurt, and Blaine saying goodbye. Sue is unusually open and sweet as she talks to Kurt, but the traditional Sue pops back up at the end of the scene.

The final hour, titled “Dreams Come True,” includes flash-forwards showing everybody five years down the road. Glee spoilers indicate that Rachel will be married and a character will be pregnant. Based on some photos hitting Twitter, it looks like it will be Rachel who is pregnant.

However, TVLine teases, there is a twist with the apparent Rachel pregnancy. There is some online speculation that perhaps she will be carrying a baby for Kurt and Blaine though fans will have to tune in to find out. Also, there’s a tease about Rachel’s future husband – will he be a surprise to fans, and will the fans be left satisfied on this front?

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, Darren Criss wrote the last song that Lea Michele as Rachel Berry will perform. The song is called “This Time,” and it seems it is essentially a love song to the show and all it is about.

Fans won’t be left hanging in this Glee finale, though. There will be closure and mostly happy endings, with a conclusion and a final scene that will apparently be about as good as anybody could expect. Just how does it all end? Fans will find out when Fox airs the Glee series finale Friday, March 20.

[Photo by Tyler Golden/Fox]