Miley Cyrus Knows The Bikini-Clad Girl Patrick Schwarzenegger Got Close To In Cabo

Miley Cyrus actually knows the mysterious bikini-clad girl that Patrick Schwarzenegger got flirty and cozy with in Cabo San Lucas. Perez Hilton said that Miley hung out with the girl, named Natalie, at a USC football game. Natalie was also at the game with her boyfriend, who’s also friends with Patrick. Natalie just happens to be a part of Miley and Patrick’s group of friends.

It’s unclear what Cyrus’ relationship is with Natalie. The two women have supposedly known each other since November. Maybe Cyrus and Natalie are good friends as well, which is why the singer hasn’t spoken out about those controversial Spring Break photos.

Patrick defended himself when the photos leaked onto the internet, courtesy of the Daily Mail.

He tweeted, “Omg. It’s one of my best friend’s girlfriend…Would NEVER do anything against my GF….Girls have guy friends and guys have friends that are girls.”

Schwarzenegger does have a point. Just because two people of the opposite sex are hanging out doesn’t always mean they’re dating or having a scandalous affair. However, what is shocking is that Schwarzenegger was allegedly doing body shots off other girls in Cabo San Lucas.

It’s unclear whether or not Miley approves of Patrick’s flirting and partying. After the photos surfaced, the 22-year-old drank margaritas with mom Tish Cyrus and went to the Laugh Factory in a hot getup on Monday night. She also took to Instagram to post a combination of cryptic messages and strange photos.

Us Weekly reported that Cyrus posted, “Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel, energies are contagious.”

A source close to Miley also told the news site that she’s not fazed by the photos, saying, “Patrick’s not worried about making assumptions about the photos.”

However, a new report says that Schwarzenegger is not looking forward to seeing Cyrus after returning home from Spring Break. He’s been laying low in Malibu since he came home, according to E! Online. A source close to Schwarzenegger explained his embarrassment.

“He doesn’t even know what to do with himself and just wants to hide from the world. He’s had some of his friends around for support, but he’s very down and upset. He hasn’t cracked a smile or been able to think about anything except Miley. He’s so embarrassed and knows he screwed up.”

As for Miley, she hasn’t spoken or seen Patrick. The singer made a surprise appearance at Thursday’s SXSW show in Austin, Texas, by taking to the stage with Mike Will Made It and Rae Sremmurd, says People Magazine.

Miley Cyrus has been sharing a lot of party photos on Instagram from that night. It sounds like she’s not letting Patrick Schwarzenegger’s alleged cheating scandal get to her.

[Image: Harry How/Getty Images]