13-Year-Old Girl Bullied And Threatened By Classmates Via Social Media: ‘Kill Yourself Or We Will Kill Your Family’

A 13-year-old girl has been bullied at Gordo High School in Alabama for quite some time. However, the bullying antics have escalated to threats of bodily harm to her and her family. Now, her mother is speaking out about the horrific threats her daughter has received.

According to Fox 6 Now, the bullied girl’s mother, whose name has not been released, recently contacted local authorities after bullies reportedly told her daughter to commit suicide. If she refuses to adhere to their demands, they’ve also threatened to kill her family.

“Kill yourself or we will kill your family.”

The teenage girl has been the subject of ridicule for most of the school year, but her mother revealed the aggressive bullying escalated to threats of bodily harm back in February. She stated that her daughter began receiving threatening messages via social media by two alleged bullies at her school. One of the threats also included a disturbing image of an actual gun. Although those two messages are reportedly among the worse she’s received, it has been reported that the bullies have sent “hundreds.”

According to the Daily Mail, the family has sought help from school officials, but to no avail. Now, they’ve decided to speak publicly about the disturbing matter. During a recent interview with Fox 6 News, the girl’s mother shared details about the threatening messages. She expressed feelings of shock and dismay, surprised students her daughter’s age would even make such disturbing demands of a person.

“Our families were threatened, houses to be blown up. It was just unreal that kids the age that we think is doing it would do something like that,” the mother said.

The bullied girl revealed how the disheartening ordeal has changed her social life. The constant bullying and threatens have affected her mentally and emotionally. She also has a message for those who insist on tormenting victims. The girl courageously spoke about the impact and lasting effects bullying can have on victims. She also stressed how suicide is not a laughing matter.

“Nobody should ever have to go through this…I wouldn’t even put it on my worst enemy. I used to wake up and be happy about going to school so see my friends. Now I regret even waking up in the morning,” the bullied girl said. “People kill themselves because of this. Y’all are worth every second y’all are on this earth. Don’t ever think that you’re not because God put you on here for a reason,” she added.

Pickens County School Superintendent Jamie Chapman stated that local police were contacted. However, no further details have been released about the incident.

[Photo illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]