WWE: Could Three-Time NCAA Division 1 National Wrestling Champion Logan Stieber Be Heading To WWE?

WWE is always scouting for great talent these days. They are known for bringing in men who are either really great in the ring and well known, or they go after people who have the look but need to be taught a bit. So it should come as no surprise that WWE would scout collegiate wrestlers who are at the top of their division. There is probably no better collegiate wrestler right now than Logan Stieber.

He is a three-time Division 1 National Champion. He wrestles for Ohio State, who has had some great wrestlers in the past. Right now, Stieber is gearing up to defend his crown as the champion of his division and become only the fourth man in the history of collegiate wrestling to win four National Titles. While WWE is very much a distant thought right now, he is someone WWE would like.

In regards to winning his fourth title, Stieber told ESPN, “I don’t think about how good you have to be to win the four titles; I just look at all the great wrestlers, some of my idols, who won three or two or one. I think about their talent and it makes me feel like achieving this goal is something unique.”

It is very unique to even have three National Titles, but four puts you in a mere handful of men’s shoes. So how does all of this affect a pro-wrestling career?

He has won every major award a wrestler can win in college and is currently seeking to add to his glory. However, WWE is known for going after men just like him these days.

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Gerald Brisco has been sent to a lot of wrestling matches across the country to scout talent that WWE can use. While Stiber is only five-foot-five and 141 pounds, he still has a chance with WWE NXT, which has helped to launch several careers. While the young man has a potential position in the Olympics for Team USA next year at the Summer Games, WWE is a place he could end up. He could certainly use his wrestling background to become a fixture with WWE for years to come.

He would join a line of great mat wrestlers who came to WWE. Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, and more have had great careers in college and ended up making a WWE run. Chas Betts, who goes by Chad Gable in WWE NXT, is a former collegiate wrestler who competed for Team USA in the 2012 Summer Games. He is only five-foot-eight and 185 pounds, so Stieber’s size isn’t of such great difference that he could not fit with the company.

Brisco is a former collegiate wrestler himself, so he knows who the best are and who would be great additions to the WWE roster.

Currently, Stieber studies Business Administration with Ohio State, where he is now a Senior (RS). He certainly has a career in business once he wraps up his college and even potential Olympic career. However, with WWE now focusing on great wrestling, it would not be shocking for Stieber to end up with WWE down the line if he chose to be with the company.

Does WWE have interest? Does Stieber? Time will tell. However, he does fit the mold WWE is going, and it would not be totally shocking if WWE went after him to boost their roster. With Brisco out scouting talent, one would imagine he has heard of and maybe even spoken to Stieber. Sadly, if Stieber does end up with the company, it won’t be for a while.

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