Mr. T’s Home Improvement Show Gets A Title Worthy Of The A-Team Star

Mr. T is the latest celebrity to enter the home improvement game, and the DIY Network came up with the perfect title for The A-Team star’s new TV series: I Pity the Tool. The Style Network is probably kicking itself for not nabbing Mr. T first — just imagine B. A. Baracus designing gold wedding dresses on I Pity the Tulle.

Mr. T’s show scored a straight-to-series order at DIY, and it’s not shocking that the home improvement network was so eager to get I Pity the Tool on TV. Plenty of nostalgic A-Team fans will tune in to see Mr. T demolishing drywall with a sledgehammer (or maybe even his bare hands). From the sounds of it, his new series will focus heavily on the destruction that must take place before certain home improvements are made.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, I Pity the Tool “will see Mr. T and his famed Mohawk destroying outdated spaces to give families beautifully remodeled rooms.” The action star and HGTV Design Star champ Tiffany Brooks will give families home makeovers by completely changing the layouts of their houses, and this will include tearing down plenty of walls. Unfortunately, there’s no word on whether B.A. and Brooks will arrive at these homes in A-Team-style van full of their to-be-pitied tools. The series also doesn’t have a set premiere date yet, but it will debut sometime later this year.

It’s a good thing Mr. T’s new weapon of choice is a sledgehammer and not a chainsaw — the DIY Network could have lived to regret giving the star an outdoor series focused on landscaping. According to Curbed Chicago, Mr. T’s idea of improving one of his old properties involved cutting down over 100 trees. His horrified neighbors dubbed his 1987 landscaping horror show the “Lake Forest Chainsaw Massacre.” The home on the barren Illinois property reportedly had shag carpet and “black and red toilets,” so hopefully Mr. T will simply be the demolition man on I Pity the Fool — he might want to leave the heavy design work to Tiffany Brooks.

Mr. T isn’t the only Hollywood handyman that the DIY Network has hired in recent years — Vanilla Ice, William Shatner, Rev Run, and Daryl Hall have also starred on their own home improvement shows. However, none of their series got a clever title like I Pity the Fool.

Celebrities are also scoring home improvement gigs over on HGTV. As the Inquisitr previously reported, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres produced and starred in Ellen’s Design Challenge, a furniture design reality competition inspired by Project Runway.

Will you check out Mr. T in I Pity the Tool?

[Image credit: Marsaili Mcgrath/Getty]