Kat Von D Won’t Apologize For Lipstick Name That’s Been Out For Years

Kat Von D won’t apologize for a lipstick name in her line that’s been out for years. Earlier this week, a woman by the name of Parker Marie Molloy went shopping and stopped at the Sephora counter when she saw lipsticks by Kat’s brand. She was aghast at the name of one lipstick called “Underage Red.” She snapped a photo to post on Twitter with the caption, “Went shopping for some makeup. How on earth is this a lipstick color?”

As Perez Hilton informed readers, “Underage Red” has been out for years. It’s just started getting publicity for the controversial name.

Kat had another lipstick color that was removed from Sephora shelves back in 2013 because it struck a nerve with developmentally disabled groups and parents of special needs children. The name was “Celebutard.”

In the instance of “Underage Red,” Kat Von D won’t apologize for the name.

Von D wrote a long, unapologetic statement on her Facebook page that’s loud and clear about one thing: She’s not apologizing. She shares a story in which she was 16-years-old and unable to attend a rock concert because she was underage. At the time, she says she wore a lipstick with the “variation” of red that “Underage Red” is. Kat describes it as a matte, borderline neon, fire-engine red color.

“Underage Red” was launched seven years ago with “Hellbent,” “Misfit,” and “Lolita.” The color is not a “girly, pink” shade of lipstick — nor is it “sophisticated” — Kat says. She explains that it represents “feminine rebellion.”

After writing that part of her statement, she unleashes a bit of anger at all of the criticism for the lipstick’s name. It’s evident Kat Von D won’t apologize to anyone for anything.

“These wild, and horrific accusations proclaiming that any aspect of my makeup line would ever promote the degradation of women, statutory rape, sexual behavior, human trafficking, underage drinking, or even idealization of fleeting youth, goes against everything I stand for. So, please excuse me if I find those articles and comments appalling and inaccurate…So, NO. I refuse to sacrifice my integrity and creative freedom. NO. I will not be pulling ‘Underage Red’ from my collection. And NO. This is not an apology.”

Kat doesn’t want anyone blaming Sephora for the lipstick name because she sells her brand through their stores and they have no place in the naming of her makeup. The former LA Ink star says she’s solely responsible for naming every product in her cosmetics line.

Do you agree that Kat Von D shouldn’t apologize for a lipstick that’s been out for years?

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Art of Elysium]