Obese Father Who Spent $300 A Month On Junk Food, Loses 220 Pounds For Sake Of His Family

A formerly-obese father-of-two from Glasgow in Scotland, who gained a staggering 226 pounds and wore XXXXXL clothes, reportedly lost 220 pounds for the sake of his family.

Michael Wareing, 40, used to spend up to $300 a month on fast food and take-outs, with kebabs being his favorite binge dish. His wife, April Roy, said that Wareing gained all the weight between 2005 and 2008, as he comfort ate following the births of their two children.

Despite his restrictive weight, according to Roy, Wareing was always a real help around the house, but the weight put a strain on the relationship and Roy was forced to give her husband an ultimatum.

As Roy told reporters, “I was scared it was putting his life at risk and he’d miss our boys grow up. I told him I was moving me and the boys out. I didn’t want them to see him this way. He had to pick the kebabs or his kids – keep gaining weight and lose us or diet and put his family first.”

Seeing the error of his ways, Wareing swapped the junk food for salads, fish and plenty of regular exercise.

As a result of that he lost an amazing amount of weight and totally turned his life around. Nevertheless, the dieting and exercise alone weren’t enough and in 2010, Wareing was fitted with a gastric sleeve.

The gastric sleeve allowed him to only eat small portions of food, which also dramatically reduced his weight.

As Roy explained, “He had the energy to run around the park and play football with them. We got on better and four months later, got back together.”

In conclusion, Roy spoke proudly about how her husband managed to turn things around, with his diet and gastric sleeve, which helped to keep a family under strain together, “I’m so proud of Michael and couldn’t be happier. Surgery saved his life and his family,” Roy said.