Nick Gordon Accused Of Foul Play And Drug Abuse: Dr. Phil Unveils Troubled Life Of Bobbi Kristina's Beau

Has Nick Gordon hit rock bottom? At 25, the unofficially "adopted son" of Whitney Houston, who was raised as Bobbi Kristina's Brown brother before he became her beau, is finding himself the target of everything from accusations of foul play to broadcast revelations about his drug and alcohol abuse, reported Us Weekly.

Gordon tweeted his despair repeatedly. He asked to see Bobbi Kristina. and at one point, threatened suicide. Responding to those threats, Nick's birth mother, Michelle Gordon, sought help from Dr. Phil, and the interview on Dr. Phil quickly became an intervention. That was the first time that Michelle had appeared publicly to identify herself.

Also stepping forward for the first time publicly was Jack Walker, Jr., whom Access Hollywood identified as someone who had provided a fatherly resource for Gordon. Although Walker and Michelle are not married, Jack said he views himself as the young man's stepfather.

In particular, Walker was horrified as he learned about the suicidal impulses of the 25-year-old, and he said that the obvious emotional pain touched him as well.

"How much pain he's in. Every day. It hurts a lot, seeing him in pain. [Him] not wanting to go forward because he's hurt so bad… It's hard for him each day. He doesn't know if he can make it another day. It's getting harder and harder."

But Jack isn't even confident that the move to rehab can save Gordon.

"He's out of control right now. He's hurt," he emphasized. "He's hitting rock bottom with this."

As to what could happen if Bobbi Kristina dies, Walker is seriously concerned.

"If something happens to Bobbi Kristina… if she doesn't pull through then I will fear for my son's life."

Dr. Phil talked with Extra about his interview with Nick Gordon. The psychologist revealed that it was Gordon's lawyers who sought his help and that he asked Gordon's mother for help.

Dr. Phil agrees with Walker that Nick could kill himself.

"He was so animated and so emotionally out of control, I thought he could be dead in a matter of days if something doesn't happen," added Dr. Phil.

He emphasized that Gordon seemed out of control, even when his mother entered the room.

"As soon as he saw his mother, he was so happy to see her and he sat down and we started to talk. Every minute or two, he'd jump up and run out of the room, he would grab his phone and turn on a Whitney song, start playing it, start wailing and crying and throw his phone on the floor. I felt like if we did not get him to a structured and supervised environment, his life was in danger."

Dr. Phil also revealed the extent to which Gordon discussed his abuse of both alcohol and drugs, saying, "He was high as a kite. He said he was drinking and he mentioned Xanax."

Now, as Gordon has entered rehab, the prognosis for the 22-year-old daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown remains unknown, as the Inquisitr reported.

Although Bobbi Kristina has been moved to a rehabilitation center, she remains in the same medically-induced coma, dependent on a ventilator and feeding tube for survival.

[Image Via Dr. Phil Show]