Genius Burglars Butt-Dial 911 While Robbing Business

A whole new level of “stupid criminals” has been reached in Mankato, Minnesota. Two men reportedly butt-dialed – that is, inadvertently made a phone call with their cell phone while it was in their pocket – 911 while in the midst of making a robbery.

Police Captain Rich Murray of Blue Earth County, Minnesota told reporters that his department received the emergency phone call at 3:42 Thursday morning. When the 911 dispatcher answered, she realized that the callers couldn’t hear her, but she could hear them. As she listened, the dispatcher heard the two men referencing what they were doing, and she thought that they were in the midst of something heinous.

Captain Murray said that the dispatcher heard “enough to make her suspicious.”

As the two geniuses that were in the midst of the crime didn’t realize they were on the phone with the police, they didn’t hang up. As such, the phone call went on for over 34 minutes. The length of the call afforded authorities the opportunity to trace the call and to figure out where the robbery was taking place. They sent squad cars to intervene.

Authorities found two men hiding at the Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Department gun range on the 3500 block of 3rd Avenue, just north of Mankato, Minnesota. They also found a woman waiting for the two men in a nearby, parked car.

Across the street from the Blue Earth gun range is North Mankato Supply. When the police entered and investigated the business, they discovered that the store had been “ransacked.” An impromptu inventory revealed that both cash and items had been stolen from the store. As a result of their butt-dialing authorities, the two men and the woman were arrested and are currently in the Blue Earth County jail. They will be charged later today with third-degree burglary.

According to Captain Murray, the last thing the dispatcher heard over the line was one of the men saying, “I think I see the police!” That statement was followed by sounds of the two men running.

[Image via Digital Trends]