Male Menopause: Experts Convinced That Over 50’s Suffer More Irritability And Impotence

While people have been debating for years whether there is such thing as a male menopause, equivalent to what women over 50 go through with hormone changes, some experts are now convinced that low testosterone in middle-aged men is the cause of many ailments.

The experts say that the drop in testosterone in the over 50’s leads to low energy and lack of focus, as well as low sex drive, irritability, and impotence.

In order to combat the issue, male hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has gained in popularity over the last ten years, as have over-the-counter prescriptions for testosterone gels and injections.

According to Professor Fred Wu, director of the Andrology Research Unit in Manchester, England, said that for most men, the “male menopause” is the “normal symptoms of unhealthy aging.”

He pointed out that low testosterone in obese men increases greatly when they lose substantial weight, “It’s the same when patients control their diabetes. Low testosterone is usually — though not always — caused by changes in a man’s physical and mental health and lifestyle that commonly occur as they age.”

Another expert in the field, Marian O’Connor, a senior lecturer in psychosexuality at the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships in London said, “It’s virtually impossible to say what is a healthy level of testosterone. A man can be healthy and sexually active while having a relatively low testosterone level.”

Some British doctors who give testosterone supplements to their patients believe male HRT can play a major role in the well-being of many older men.

As Dr Geoffrey Hackett, sexual health specialist at Good Hope Hospital in Birmingham, told reporters, “Testosterone replacement therapy is both safe and effective in treating symptoms such as erectile dysfunction in men with low testosterone.”

Despite the conflicting evidence, there does seem to be some connection between the aging process and low testosterone, as men over 50 are encouraged to watch their weight and make sure they get plenty of good quality sleep.

[Image via NewspaperCat.]