Public Transport Is Making Your Face Wrinkly, Experts Claim

While some people are lucky enough to drive to work, many others need to face the trials and tribulations of public transport for their daily commute, be it by bus or train.

As if delays and packed carriages aren’t enough to navigate on a daily basis, experts are now warning that the daily commute to and from work is taking its toll on peoples’ complexions.

No, it’s not the bad air on the train or bus, or even the breath of a hundred other commuters that is the issue. Rather it is our old friend, the smartphone, which is apparently a big culprit when it comes to face wrinkles.

The constant dropping of the head to check text messages and type email is reportedly wreaking havoc on young skin, not to mention the notorious “tech-neck” crease that many people have these days.

Dr Lamia Eltohamy, a facial rejuvenation expert from Cavendish Clinic & Medispa, said to reporters,

“We’re inundated with patients turning to non-invasive treatments like Botox and Exilis skin tightening in the hope of correcting the effects of “phone face” or mobile overuse. Every week we are visited by patients hoping to erase the neck creases they’ve developed as a result of spending so much time on device like iPhones and Kindles.”

Skincare companies have even picked up on the trend, with Sarah Chapman for example developing products specifically designed to target “teck-neck” and other conditions.

Skinesis Neck and Chest Rejuvenating cream, which costs $100 a tube, is full of sea holly stem cell, skin brighteners, peptides, and antioxidants, which reportedly leaves skin feeling smooth.

Another beauty expert, Jill Zander, also spoke to reporters, offering advice when traveling on public transport, “Touching these commonly used areas then touching your face can transport bacteria on to the skin causing blockages to the pores and possible infections. Keep a hand sanitiser gel in your bag to help curb the spread of spot-causing germs,” she suggested.

[Lead image via Leroy Ward.]