‘Charge Dynel Lane With Murder!’ Protesters Demand Justice For Fetal Abduction Victims

After Dynel Lane allegedly committed the fetal abduction of Michelle Wilkins’s unborn child, it was revealed that she may not in fact face murder charges due to the design of the laws in Colorado. Well, this information has been met with quite the backlash from people not only in the state of Colorado, but all across the nation. Longmont News reports that at least three dozen protesters have picketed the streets of Longmont to show their disgust for the statutes that may prevent the woman from being charged with the murder of the fetus that she allegedly removed from Wilkins.

Michelle Wilkins miraculously survived the horrific attack that robbed her of her unborn child. She was only seven-months-pregnant when Dynel Lane allegedly lured her through the guise of giving her baby clothes via a Craigslist ad. The New York Daily News is sharing the shocking 911 call that led to her harrowing rescue. However, the fetus did not survive the gruesome ordeal. This is where things get really murky.

Since a fetus isn’t considered to be a viable human life, it can’t be considered a murder. However, if it can be proved that the fetus survived outside of her mother, after the violent event, then it could be considered a murder — depending on how the baby actually died. NBC News 9 reports that an autopsy on the fetus is expected on Friday, which may or may not answer some questions.

Some of the protesters demanding murder charges against Dynel are pregnant women or mothers themselves, including Maryann Zegarra, who is eight-months-pregnant — just one month farther ahead than Michelle Wilkins was at the time of the alleged fetal abduction. She’s protesting the lack of immediate murder charges for clear reasons.

“I feel every movement of my baby. Every hiccup. Every kick. It’s just sad to think that little baby girl was just kicking probably 15 minutes before her mom got to the door.”

While numerous people are demanding justice in the form of murder charges, it’s been revealed that Dynel Lane may have been suffering from some kind of psychosis associated with the tragic loss of her own child over a decade ago. Prior to the alleged fetal abduction, Lane had reportedly been telling people that she was pregnant, and had even signed up for gift registries as an expecting mother.

These are all details shared similarly with numerous other cases of fetal abduction, such as in the Lisa Montgomery case. In 2004, Montgomery killed a pregnant woman and cut the child from her, stealing the baby and taking it as her own. She’s been in prison ever since. However, in her case she successfully murdered the mother of the unborn child, and the child survived.

Do you think there should be a change in Colorado statutes, or do you trust the system in this case? Dynel Lane could still very well be charged with murder after all, or she could end up sentenced in a way that’s just as just. On the other hand, changing laws that establish when life is viable or not could have an adverse effect on abortion laws.

[Photo: Facebook via New York Daily News/Longmont Police Dept.]