Hey guys, that awesome marriage proposal you had ready – it’s been trumped by an Infographic

Proposing to the love of your love of your life is one of the most angst ridden moments of any man’s life. Do we really want to do this, have we got just the right ring, and have we memorized the right words?

Blood pounding we wait for that perfect moment that will forever be ingrained in both your memories as the most treasured memory that will forever be a part of your your life story (until the divorce that is).

Well guys, or at least those of the geek and nerd persuasion, your proposal game has just been called an raised by Drake Maretinet who works for D: AllThingsDigital and has with one swift move put to shame all our attempts at the perfect geeky marriage proposal with this incredibly awesome Wedding Proposal Infographic.

Good luck topping this one.

via Pleated Jeans