Michael Jackson's Trial History Repeated By Accused Millionaire Murderer Robert Durst?

Michael Jackson has resurfaced in the news recently due to details surrounding similarities between his case and the one that accused millionaire murderer Robert Durst is currently undergoing. While most headlines about Michael Jackson discuss light-hearted topics like his past romance to Marcia from the Brady Bunch, the child molestation charges against Michael Jackson are also a part of his history.

How is Michael Jackson's case similar to Robert Durst's? In both of their cases, evidence was introduced against Michael Jackson and Robert Durst from documentaries they made. When Michael Jackson was acquitted of charges of child molestation in 2005, the New York Times published a full story of the entire trial. In it, they stated the following.

"The current case against Mr. Jackson erupted in February 2003, with the broadcast of "Living With Michael Jackson," a British documentary in which Mr. Jackson talked about sharing his bed with young boys, calling it a loving act and insisting it had nothing to do with sex. The accuser in this case, then 13, was shown holding hands with the singer and resting his head affectionately on his shoulder. The documentary provoked an international sensation, seeming to confirm years of rumors that Mr. Jackson was overly fond of young boys. Mr. Sneddon, hearing what he had long suspected, immediately began a criminal investigation."
He was acquitted of all charges in 2005, but Michael Jackson began to be targeted with child molestation charges as early as 1993. ABC published an article when Michael Jackson died in 2009 stating that he was able to avoid the charges because, "Jackson's defense argued the alleged victim and his family made up the allegations in an attempt to get money." The Daily Beast reports that allegations have continued after Michael Jackson's death as late as 2014.

While Michael Jackson's charges were dismissed, the same may not be true for Robert Durst. NBC 29 News says that Durst is a millionaire in jail for murders that he may have gotten away with for years. Over the past 30 years, he has had two books published about him -- one about how he was acquitted for murder and another about the disappearance of his wife.

The Associate Press published a caption about Robert Durst saying, "The whispered words of Durst recorded in an unguarded moment in a bathroom could come back to haunt him - or help him - as he faces a murder charge. A possible move by prosecutors to introduce the incriminating material from a six-part documentary on his strange life and connection to three killings could backfire as interview footage did in the Michael Jackson molestation trial and the Robert Blake murder case."

Will this case have the same verdict as the Michael Jackson trial -- despite "video evidence"? For now, everyone will need to be patient. Town Hall News says that it will take the police a month to check for video tampering from the evidence that they have from the six-part HBO documentary "The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst." Like the Michael Jackson documentary footage, the video of Durst seems fairly straightforward -- but it does not mean it will definitely convict him.

The video in question shows Durst allegedly pointing at the home where murders may have taken place and stating that he had "killed them all" and that he didn't know what was "in the house." Obviously, it will be over a month or longer before we can determine if Robert Durst will join Michael Jackson and Robert Blake in being rich elites that were acquitted -- despite damning video footage.

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