Is Bobbi Kristina Brown Being Moved To A Rehabilitation Center? Will She Be Taken Off Life Support?

There’s talk that Bobbi Kristina Brown may be moved from her current facility to a rehabilitation one. Bobbi was found face down in a bathtub on January 31, about seven weeks ago. She was placed on a ventilator and in a medically induced coma, eventually being transferred to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, where she is currently receiving care. Her family has steadfastly remained at her bedside, including father Bobby Brown and grandmother Cissy Houston, according to ET Online.

Legally, the decision of whether to take her off of life support is her father Bobby Brown’s. The family has told ET Online that it has wrestled with the decision. But Bobbi’s family remains hopeful that her condition will improve, even though doctors have said to prepare for the worst and despite the fact that Bobbi Kristina remains in the coma.

A source close to Bobbi’s Brown’s family told ET Online that her family may be transferring her from Emory University Hospital to an undisclosed rehabilitation facility in Atlanta. It’s unknown when this may occur.

Doctors have indicated that the longer Bobbi Kristina remains in the medically induced coma on life support, the less likely that her body would be able to function on its own. They also noted that there is a danger of damage to her brain stem.

Bobbi Kristina is the only child of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. Her mother was found three years prior in similar circumstances, accidentally drowning in a hotel bath tub. Whitney was a six-time Grammy Award winner and actress who battled substance abuse. Authorities indicated that cocaine use and heart disease contributed to Houston’s premature death at age 48.

It’s unknown what precipitated Bobbi Kristina Brown’s being found in that condition. Some reports indicated that her boyfriend, Nick Gordon, was under criminal investigation regarding Bobbi’s condition, according to TMZ.

As was recently reported in the Inquisitr, a family member indicated that Bobbi Kristina was “showing no signs of life at all.” At that point, withdrawing life support was reportedly revisited by her family.

However, it’s important to note that two of her closest relatives, father Bobby Brown and grandmother Cissy Houston differ on their opinion regarding long-term life support. Bobby reportedly refuses to consider removing it, whereas Cissy maintains it’s time to withdraw the long-term life support and let nature take its course.

Bobbi Kristina Brown is the sole heiress to mother Whitney Houston’s whole estate, estimated to be valued at approximately $115 million.

Did Bobbi Kristina’s condition improve so drastically lately that she can be moved to a rehabilitation facility? Will she be taken out of her medically induced coma? If so, when?

[Photo Courtesy ET Online]