Eva Mendes Sweatpants Divorce: Actress Says Women Wearing Sweatpants Is Leading Cause Of Divorce

Effie Orfanides

Eva Mendes believes sweatpants cause divorce. Yes, you read that right. According to ABC News, the actress made the comment during a recent interview with Extra. Joking about her relationship with Ryan Gosling, and talking about becoming a mother, Eva said she doesn't really wear comfortable clothes around the house. Even though she's constantly tending to her little one, Eva says that dressing down in sweats is a big no-no for any couple.

"No, no, no, no! You can't do sweatpants. No. Ladies, number one cause of divorce in America? Sweatpants. No. Can't do that," she said. While it seems obvious that Eva is just joking, some people can totally see where she's coming from. However, thousands of happily married moms out there would disagree. Sweatpants are such a necessity sometimes!

Eva Mendes might think sweatpants cause divorce, but that doesn't mean that she's not a fan. As the New York Daily News points out, Mendes has been seen in sweats quite a few times, mainly when she is heading to the gym. However, she does admit that she's not a pants-gal in general.

"I don't really like pants, I mean I will wear them — figuratively and literally — but I feel much more comfortable in a dress or skirt," she explained. Interestingly enough, outfit choices aren't even close to a common cause for the end of a marriage.

"The top cause of divorce in America are lack of trust, loss of intimacy and basic incompatibility. Experts say that poor trouser choice is not even in the top 10 reasons for couples relocating to that lonely town called Splitsville," reports the New York Daily News.

While Eva Mendes was talking sweatpants and divorce, her beau Ryan Gosling was doing some talking of his own. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the actor recently rejoined social media, and went on a bit of a Twitter spree.

"Ryan kicked it off with a tweet about his polarizing film, and once he got attention from fans, he was already on a roll. At one point, he questioned whether he was just clogging up fans feeds."

Are you a fan of Eva Mendes or Ryan Gosling? What do you make of Eva's sweatpants comment?

[Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]