Daniel Breki McCollough: Super-Cute Toddler ‘Covers’ Ed Sheeran Hit — Video Goes Massively Viral

Daniel Breki McCollough is 22 years younger than British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, 24, and the toddler is from Iceland, not England. But that didn’t stop this over-the-top adorable tyke from attempting to sing one of Sheeran’s biggest hits in a video shot by the little boy’s mom — a video that has made little Daniel world famous literally overnight.

The massively viral video was reportedly posted on Wednesday, but by Thursday, March 19, the cute four-minute clip of Daniel attempting to “cover” the Ed Sheeran hit “Thinking Out Loud” had been posted and reposted numerous times on YouTube and other video platforms — and had been viewed a reported 13 million times in 24 hours.

How impressive is that? Well, that’s a measly 10 million more views than Sheeran’s own video for “Thinking Out Loud” received in its own first 24-hour period on line.

But as adorable as little Daniel is, the guy actually playing guitar and singing a remarkable note-for-note rendition of the song is also gaining his own share of internet fame.

That would be Heigar Ingi Arnason, boyfriend to Daniel’s mom. Heigar is not seen in the video, but he is most definitely heard as he “accompanies” the two-year-old, who strums away on his own plastic toy guitar.

“Never mind the child, that isn’t Ed Sheeran playing guitar and singing live, the guy I assume to be her dad is amazing!” wrote one impressed commenter on the video page.

“This has to be the cutest thing ever bless that wee darling and his wee facial expressions, just brilliant,” wrote commenter Noleen Magill.

“So adorable!!!!!!” added viewer Kate Ward. “He is a little shy as you see at the end but boy can that little man play a convincing guitar, even tuned it somewhere in there so cute that Dad sings along with him to help the confidence — which was rocking!”

The song — the original Ed Sheeran version, was a hit single last October, taken from the redheaded troubador’s second album, entitled X. “Thinking Out Loud” was a No. 1 hit in the United Kingdom, and sat at No. 2 in the United States for eight weeks.

Ed Sheeran
British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran.

When Daniels’ mother recorded the video of the Ed Sheeran cover version, she never expected it to get the instant and overwhelming attention that it has received. She planned only to send it to her brother, Daniel’s uncle, who lives in London.

Judging by the response, Daniel — and Heigar — could be headed for stardom in the non-internet world any time now.

[Images: YouTube Screen Grab, Christopher Polk/Getty Images]