Timofey Mozgov Hilariously Answers Pre-Game Question In Russian, Reporter Left Dumbstruck By Language

Cleveland Cavaliers’ Timofey Mozgov was so in the zone ahead of his side’s encounter with the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday night that he responded to an interviewer’s question in Russian.

The 7′ 2″ center was being probed by Allie Clifton when he forgot which country he was in and answered her first question completely in Russian.

You can check out footage of the humorous exchange below.

Clifton decided not to interrupt Mozgov as he made his declaration. Instead she simply smiled and nodded along. In fact it was only until Mozgov began to answer her next question that he realised the gaff that he’d just made.

Mozgov had originally been asked by Clifton about the Cleveland Cavaliers’ return to take on the Nets at their home ground of the Quicken Loans Arena.

“[Twenty] of the last 25 games you guys have spent on the road. How nice is it back to be here back at home?” she remarked.

This provoked Mozgov to give out a lengthy answer in his native tongue, which Clifton simply nodded along politely to. But rather than being put off by his lapse, Clifton persevered with her questioning, and asked, “As the anchor of this team, what’s the mindset?”

Mozgov then started to answer in English, stating, “We just have to be working and… oh, what?,” before he then erupted in laughter. Mozgov then put his hand over his face in embarrassment, while Clifton joined him in laughing at the mistake too.

She immediately asked her producer if they could record the interview again, and she then took to Twitter to poke fun at the incident.

Mozgov had the last laugh though, as he went on to score 17 points in 17 minutes as the Cleveland Cavaliers destroyed the Brooklyn Nets 117-92.