Bethany Lily April Wears Only A Thong On Instagram

Bethany Lily April has been showcasing her sultry side in many alluring updates to her Instagram feed as of late, and in her newest share from yesterday, she opted to wear only a thong. The professional photo shoot allowed her to showcase her cleavage as she wore a flirty pout.

The model stood facing the camera straight-on and censored her chest with a combination of her pose and her long locks. She crossed her hands in front of her left hip and stood with her legs together. Her panties were a light pink color that blended into her skin tone, and they had thick straps that were made of lace.

The model wore her hair down in a middle part with luxurious curls that she brushed in front of her shoulders. Her roots were a darker tone than the tips, which glowed platinum blond. Her makeup application appeared to include dark, long lashes, shimmery eyeshadow, lots of blush, and pink lipstick. Her bright red manicure also contrasted well against her fair skin.

Bethany posed in front of an entirely gray backdrop, and she was illuminated with impeccable lighting that left her figure and hair glowing. Furthermore, she kept the attention completely on her curves by forgoing jewelry.

The tags further revealed that the image was a throwback from a shoot she did with Ryan Astamendi, a Los Angeles-based photographer. She also gave credit to FiFi, a luxury clip-in hair extensions brand, and Evelyn McCullough, a makeup artist.

So far, the update has received over 156,200 likes, and many adoring followers headed to the comments section to rave over her good looks.

"I've never seen someone so beautiful... And I mean it," gushed a devotee.

"Is there a way I can buy this as a poster? Cause I absolutely love it!" exclaimed a second social media user.

"If you were trying to look all gorgeous and alluring, you've achieved it. Good job. Carry on," expressed another supporter.

"Omg. Like a greek Goddess," declared a fourth admirer.

Bethany also posted another update a couple of days ago that received a lot of attention. That time, the blonde opted to showcase her underboob in a casual light blue bralette that she pulled up. She also wore a sheer top that left much of her chest exposed, along with a pair of dark blue, lacy bottoms. In the first photo, she glanced at the camera with her head tilted to the side and tugged at her thong with her left hand.