'Empire' Scoop: What To Look For In Season 2 [Spoilers]

Niki Cruz

In case you haven't watched the season finale of Empire it's best to duck out right now before we get down to spoiling it all for you.

Last night was an explosive two-hour event on Fox. It saw multiple storylines come to a head. Jamal was made head of Empire by Lucious, even after he discovered he had been misdiagnosed with ALS and was going to live. Cookie was fired from Empire on her day off after Lucious found out that she's been sleeping with Malcolm. Vernon met his end after a nasty brawl with Andre, and we also saw Cookie smother Lucious with a pillow. Although it wasn't a large plot point, we also saw Lucious' ex, Anika, have a night cap with his youngest son, Hakeem.

To sum it up, it was a hot mess in the best of ways. The drama that was promised to viewers delivered tenfold by Lee Daniels and company. With all that drama comes questions that were left up in the air for next season. One of them is how long will Lucious stay in jail? In the last final moments Lucious is arrested for murdering Cookie's cousin Bunkie, but their star witness who ratted him out (Vernon) went missing (or in other words, dead), so it's only a matter of time before Lucious gets out, right?

E! sat down with writer Ilene Chaiken to get the story straight. Although she doesn't know how long Lucious will stay behind bars, it doesn't seem like he will be in jail for that long.

"Lucious will always be central to the story no matter where he is. Beyond that, we're not there yet. We'll figure out whether Lucious is in or out of prison, and how he will be integral to these storylines."

As for Lucious' misdiagnosis, this was something that everyone was always on the same page about.

"We discussed the possibility of telling that story, to keep him alive for a long time and deal with the struggles of his illness, but the truth is the creators always had in mind that it was a misdiagnosis."

Another bombshell that came out of last night's episode, and which ultimately stopped Andre from calling the cops after he discovered that Vernon was dead, is that he's going to be a father. Apparently that will be addressed next season as well. "You'll have to tune in to season two to see, but that is certainly all in the mix," said Chaiken.

Previously the Inquisitr reported that season 2 will also have its fair share of guest stars just like the first season. The first two names that are a definite lock are Oprah Winfrey and Common. As for what they have planned for Oprah, Chaiken has no clue.

"We haven't even begun to have those conversations so I'd best not comment on it and we'll see what happens."

What are you most looking forward to for the second season of Empire?

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