Justin Bieber ‘Marries’ Six-Year-Old Fan, #MrsBieber Trends on Twitter

Aw, Justin Bieber, you so sweet.

The pop starlet engaged in a nice, pre-Valentine’s Day deed yesterday for a six-year-old cancer stricken girl, spending an afternoon with little Avalanna Routh- who has been sick most of her life. Following a local radio station campaign, Bieber learned of the girl’s plight and adoration of him- and flew she and her family from Boston to New York to spend the day.

Routh and Bieber spent a couple of hours together- eating cupcakes, playing board games, doing autographs and styling one another’s hair- and the teen star made a hashtag in honor of Avalanna (#MrsBieber) a worldwide trending topic. After the meeting, using the hashtag, Bieber said:

“That was one of the best things I have ever done. [Avalanna] was AWESOME. Feeling really inspired right now… Best part of my day.’’

According to MTV, the effort was a result of a campaign on Facebook by Avalanna’s family to get the star to meet the little girl:

Avalanna’s dream came true after her family started a Facebook campaign for her to meet Bieber, which, along with her pretend marriage to the teen superstar, was reported by a Boston-area news outlet. When the always-charitable Bieber caught wind of the marriage and her family’s efforts, the”Today” show reports, he flew Avalanna and her family to New York.

The day was also made possible in part by the Jimmy Fund, a charity that works with children sickened by cancer. When six-year-old Avalanna was asked how long she’s loved Bieber, she said “seven years,” before changing her answer to “eighty years.”