Andy Cohen On Kyle Richards And Kim Richards’ ‘RHOBH’ Reunion Drama, Says Lisa Rinna Has ‘Shocking Smoking Gun’ Revealed

The season five The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show promises to be a very explosive and dramatic one. In an interview with E! News that was posted on Tuesday afternoon, executive producer and host Andy Cohen talked about the drama that happened between sisters Kim Richards and Kyle Richards at the reunion.

Andy revealed that the reunion, which filmed in late February, was the first time that the Richards sisters had seen each other in months.

“Well Kim and Kyle, they didn’t speak for three or four months after the season wrapped and this is their first time speaking.”

The preview clip for the reunion, posted on Us Weekly Thursday morning, show Kim and Kyle in a screaming match. One thing they argued about was Kim’s refusal to let go of her dog after it bit Kyle’s daughter.

“You’re horrible!” Kim screams after Kyle tells Andy that Kim’s dog bit her daughter. As Kyle emotionally responds that her daughter almost lost her hand, Kim threatens to “tell the story and you won’t like it.”

“Oh wow….” Kyle says in disgust.

In another scene, Kim tells Kyle that she doesn’t think she owes her an apology after what she has done to her.

“You’re so f**king mean! Leave me alone,” Kyle sobbingly yells as she covers her eyes with a tissue.

Kim Richards and Kyle Richards weren’t the only housewives to have major drama at the reunion.

“So true,” Andy responded when asked by E! News if Kim and Lisa Rinna get into another explosive argument at the reunion. The Us Weekly clip shows Lisa telling Kim to “shut the f***k up” and that she’s “so sick” of her.

“Go eat,” Kim retorts.

When Kim tells Lisa that she has “a little more pride” than her when it comes to work, Andy reminds Kim that she did Diving With the Stars.

Andy Cohen also said that something very shocking about Lisa Rinna will be exposed. Will viewers finally learn the “secret” that Kim Richards threatened to expose about Lisa’s husband, Harry Hamlin, during the group’s Amsterdam trip?

“It’s [The reunion] really good. It’s three parts. And I think there’s kind of a shocking smoking gun involving Lisa Rinna that comes out.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kyle Richards, right after filming the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, branded it the “hands down [the] toughest reunion yet.”

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]