Crazed Miley Cyrus Fans Bombard Patrick Schwarzenegger With Death Threats

Uh-oh! Miley Cyrus fans are on the attack, and Patrick Schwarzenegger is their target. The Daily Mail reports that the singer’s boyfriend has been getting bombarded with death threats and other mean comments from people on social media — and it all stems from reports that he may have cheated on her. Even though he has denied cheating on her, photos have circulated showing him getting a little too cozy with another girl.

Miley had only recently taken her relationship with Arnold Schwarzenegger public, but no sooner had she done that did the media reveal photos of her new beau apparently getting romantic with a girl named Natalie — someone she personally knows. Miley hasn’t said anything about the apparent scandal, but Patrick took to Twitter to dispel rumors, though he didn’t appear to try to explain away the photos that show him and Natalie getting extra close.

Miley Cyrus has millions of devoted fans that she calls “Smilers,” and they are very devoted to supporting her through thick and thin — especially in the face of an apparent cheating scandal. These “Smilers” did not even hesitate for one second to remind Patrick that friends don’t do body shots off friends, among other sentiments.

It’s a shame that the onslaught of fan hate went from rude to violent, but some fans did in fact threaten to kill Patrick Schwarzenegger. Whether or not he’s taking these death threats seriously has yet to be seen, but ET Online shared some of the various tweets showing threats against him.

This isn’t the first time celebrity fans have made over-the-top comments and threats in the face of controversy. Demi Lovato’s fans sent Kathy Griffin death threats over an insult she had made about the Disney star turned singer. Popular producer Diplo also claimed that Taylor Swift’s crazed fanbase sent him death threats as well after he made not-so-nice comments about her on Twitter.

Do you think Miley Cyrus should speak out against her fans, or are she and Patrick better off ignoring these insane threats?

[Photo: Daily Mail via Splash News/Twitter]