‘Pit Bulls And Parolees’ Renewed For Seventh Season By Animal Planet [Video]

The reality series Pit Bulls And Parolees has been renewed for a seventh season by the Animal Planet network, according to TV Guide. The seventh season will begin in the fall. The show first debuted in October, 2009, according to the Times-Picayune.

The show chronicles the Villalobos Rescue Center and its daily efforts to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home pit bulls and pit mixes who have been abandoned, neglected, or abused. Tia’s family shares her passion, and her two daughters and two adopted sons, as well as some of their friends and a daughter’s husband, participate too. Unlike some other shows or rescue organizations, Tia hires parolees to help run her rescue. In essence, she helps to rehabilitate people as well as their canine counterparts, both sometimes forgotten or abandoned by society. Villalobos is located in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The video link of Tia Maria Torres thanking her supporters for the renewal can be seen here. She says the following to her followers, according to TV Guide.

“Because of you, our fans and supporters, we’re able to help spread the message more than ever and continue to provide a better life for some very misunderstood animals–and humans.”

The show has been popular with animal advocates and has a loyal following across the globe. Rick Holzman, the General Manager and Executive Vice President of Animal Planet, noted the following in TV Guide.

Pit Bulls & Parolees continues to strike a chord with a very passionate and proud community of animal advocates around the world that have accepted and supported the ethos of Tia Torres and Villalobos. By sharing her life on-air, online with her 1.3 million Facebook fans, and every medium in between, Tia brings her selfless journey to life while inspiring millions with her core values.”

The final episode of the sixth season will run on Saturday, March 22, on the Animal Planet, subtitled “Why We Go On.” According to the Times-Picayune, the episode description is as follows.

“Tia battles with a local shelter over the fate of a scared and potentially aggressive pit bull. Later, a local couple returns to Villalobos in hopes to find another furry companion for their family. And, after a long recovery, a dog that was rescued from the brink of death finally has a shot at a forever home in Boston.”

Tia’s signature line is: “My mission is to rescue, my hope is that one day I won’t have to.” For now, she will continue to share with us her family’s and life’s work on the small screen.

Not all towns welcome pit bulls, even ones that can be called “heros.” In a recent Inquisitr article, the town of Hazel Park, Michigan, banned the breed altogether, including one named Isis who protected its owner from her abusive boyfriend.

What do you think about breed-specific legislation? Is it ever justified? Are you a fan of Pit Bulls and Parolees?

[Photo Courtesy of Facebook]