NFL Considering Bonus Point For Teams That Complete Two-Point Conversion

A new rule proposed by the Indianapolis Colts may allow NFL teams an attempt to earn a bonus point after they’ve already completed a two-point conversion. So, instead of having the score differ by eight points, the rule will make it to where teams can have a nine-point advantage over their opponent. That’s just one of the proposals scheduled to be discussed during NFL meetings in Phoenix, Arizona, next week.

But the Colts don’t want to make the bonus point as easy as it sounds. As of right now, an extra point field goal after a touchdown is a guaranteed thing in the NFL, while two-point conversions are much more difficult to achieve. As the Chicago Tribune reports, the Colts want to have a rule in which the teams that complete a two-point conversion can add another point to their score if they can complete a 50-yard field goal.

It’s unclear how the Colts came up with this idea, but it will be discussed during scheduled NFL meetings in Phoenix, Arizona, next week. St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher told the Chicago Tribune that he’s not sure how this proposed rule is supposed to work.

“As we go through the process here (next) week, we’ll let (the Colts) go ahead and discuss it in more detail. But that’s our understanding – that if a team elects to go for two and you’re successful, then you would get a bonus point (field goal try).”

In addition to the bonus point, another proposal put forward by the Detroit Lions will have penalties be reviewable in the NFL. This comes after the team felt the referees made the wrong decision during its playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Cowboys linebacker Anthony Hitchens was called for pass interference during the NFL Wild Card game this previous season. But after the Cowboys argued that Hitchens didn’t interfere, the referees had a quick discussion and overturned the penalty. The Cowboys won the game, eventually, but one player from the team and another NFL official both said that pass interference should have been called.

According to the Associated Press, via SFGate, another proposal to be discussed at the NFL meetings next week includes having the extra point attempt take place at the 15-yard line instead of the 2-yard line. Another topic that is likely to be discussed is having 14 teams in the playoffs rather than 12.

How do you feel about the Colts’ bonus point proposal?

[Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images]