WWE Rumor: The Undertaker To Call Out Sting On WWE ‘RAW’ After ‘WrestleMania’?

The card for WrestleMania is nearly set in stone. Aside from an extra match popping up from out of nowhere, Vince McMahon and Triple H are satisfied with the match card to this point. There are, however, decisions that will be made up to the day before that have to do with finishes to matches. One that is highly debated is the main event for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. WWE fans want Brock Lesnar.

There are two other matches on the card that intrigue the casual viewer. The Undertaker always brings fans to WWE’s WrestleMania. This will also be Sting’s WWE debut in the ring. He’s appeared on WWE RAW a few times, but he’s never wrestled. That’s just the problem, though: they aren’t wrestling each other.

For years, Sting and the Undertaker has been a dream match for many in the WWE Universe. Even though it isn’t happening this year, it might occur next year at WrestleMania 32. Last month on the Inquisitr, it was reported that “Sting vs. the Undertaker” was penciled in for WrestleMania 32. While that’s not confirmed, there’s a new rumor that is gaining traction.

According to Sport-Kings.com,WWE RAW will be a very important night in WWE history. Sting and the Undertaker are rumored to come face-to-face for the very first time.

“According to multiple source, the current creative plan is for Undertaker to appear on the RAW following WrestleMania 31 to put over Bray Wyatt and to set up a match with Sting at WrestleMania 32. Wrestlezone.com is reporting that Sting is currently on his way to WWE HQ to talk with Vince about the details.

It’s widely assumed that WrestleMania 32 will be the last year that Taker will wrestle.”

Also included in the report is the fact that WWE will want this match, presumably that it happens, to be a marquee bout. It will be reminiscent to the WrestleMania 28 match between John Cena and the Rock. The night after WrestleMania 27, the Rock and John Cena both stared at each other in the ring and set a date for their first-ever match.

It was a yearlong build that was very well-done. Granted, it wasn’t “once in a lifetime,” which is what WWE first billed it as. A matchup between Sting and the Undertaker will certainly be once in a lifetime. Both men are getting old, which is one key reason. Another is due to their legacy in WWE. Rock and Cena knew each man would be able to wrestle a second match.

WWE hopefully will allow Sting and the Undertaker to wrestle at WrestleMania 32 in AT&T Stadium. That match should be the main event, as it would most-likely be the last match in both of their careers. If this momentum keeps up, the WWE RAW after WrestleMania 31 will be more entertaining than WrestleMania itself. Sting and the Undertaker must come face-to-face before they both ride off into the sunset.

[Image via wrestlingnews.co]