Bradley Cooper And Suki Waterhouse Split Up

Bradley Cooper and model Suki Waterhouse have ended their relationship. According to E!, the couple, who were steadily dating for two years, decided to end their relationship.

As of right now, no one knows if this is a permanent split or if Cooper and Waterhouse are on a small break. Even when Cooper was extremely busy with his Broadway run for The Elephant Man and his Oscar campaign with American Sniper, Waterhouse seemed to be by his side throughout it all. Earlier this year, Cooper even took both his mother and Suki to the Academy Awards.

According to People, a source close to the couple told the magazine that they broke up before the Oscars, but they remained friends so Cooper took her along.

Back when they first started dating, Cooper was quiet about their relationship, but six months after they were spotted together, the couple made their first public appearance at the New York premiere of American Hustle. The actor went on to receive his second consecutive nomination for the David O. Russell film. A month following his premiere, Cooper took Suki to the Screen Actors Guild awards in Los Angeles.

The relatively private model opened up about her boyfriend Bradley to Elle, particularly on why she doesn’t discuss him or their relationship. “I don’t talk about my boyfriend because it’s boring.”

She continued, “But we did meet at the Style Awards, I’ll give you that. Look, maybe it’s best for me to say, ‘I’m not one of those girls who goes on about their boyfriends.’ I do think whatever I say will sound weird. But the truth is, if I start talking about him, I probably won’t be able to stop. And I don’t really want to talk about him, you know?”

This isn’t the first time the couple has been plagued by these rumors. As the Inquisitr reported, it was rumored that they split around the same time last year, but those rumors turned out to be false.

Currently Cooper is filming his third film with David O. Russell and his fourth film with Jennifer Lawrence called Joy. Additionally, the reboot of Wet Hot American Summer is set to hit Netflix, which includes Cooper as well.

[Photo: Getty Images News]