Natalie Guercio Says She Left ‘Mob Wives’ Reunion With Class, Accuses Natalie DiDonato Of Going To Bed With Her Ex

Viewers of Wednesday night’s part two of the Season 5 Mob Wives reunion saw Natalie Guercio make an early exit after Natalie DiDonato tried to attack her for the second time. After the reunion aired, Natalie G. posted a tweet that declared that she left the reunion with class. Her tweet included a message that not everybody can be the queen.


Natalie G. also posted a tweet that slammed her co-stars for condoning domestic violence. Attached to Natalie’s message are photos that she claim show her bruised and battered face at the hands of her ex.

Natalie G. and Natalie D. finally came face to face on part two of the reunion. After Natalie D. tried to attack Natalie G., Natalie G. walked off and went backstage, only to be told by Drita D’Avanzo to come back out. Back on stage, Natalie G. and Natalie D. screamed at each other over the veracity of the audio recording that Natalie D. played to Drita in a previous episode. While Natalie D. claimed that the tape proved that Natalie G. was a rat, Natalie G. said that the recording was tampered with and that while she did call the cops on her ex-boyfriend, it was because he was abusive and she feared for her life. After Natalie D. tried to attack her again but was, again, stopped by security, Natalie G. walked off for good.

Natalie D. tweeted an apology to her fans for not getting Natalie G.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Angela “Big Ang” Raiola tweeted that she thinks she agrees with Natalie G. walking away because she has nothing to prove to Natalie D., who is just seeking her 15 minutes of fame. However, Drita D’Avanzo posted a tweet that made clear that she thinks that Natalie G. should have stood her ground. Yet Drita did also admit that she was wrong about the recording.

Not surprisingly, Renee Graziano and Karen Gravano criticized Natalie Guercio for leaving instead of facing off against Natalie DiDonato on the Mob Wives reunion. Renee posted a tweet that compared Natalie G. to a roach.

Karen said that Natalie G. ran off as usual.

“Running off again as usual you can’t stand the heat get the f**k out the kitchen lol #byeb***hbye.”

Karen also responded to a fan who criticized her for minimizing domestic violence. Karen made clear that she doesn’t believe Natalie G.’s claim that she was abused.

While the Mob Wives season is over, Natalie Guercio is still trying to get back at Natalie DiDonato. After the reunion aired, Natalie G. posted a tweet that accused Natalie D. of sleeping with her ex.

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