‘Chinese Shaq’: 7-Feet 1-Inch, 300-Pound Han DeJun Dunks On Stephon Marbury [Video]

There’s a YouTube video that’s taking off and going viral, all because former NBA player Stephon Marbury got “posterized” by a huge dude that will forever be known as the “Chinese Shaq,” as reports are calling Han DeJun out of Liaoning, a province of the People’s Republic of China. Marbury has done great in China since 2011, when Stephon became a member of the Beijing Ducks.

Although Marbury still had a game-winning 36-point ride for the game, a highlight from which has gone viral, it’s the DeJun dunk on Marbury that has the “Chinese Shaq” gaining plenty of views on YouTube. As seen in the video, Marbury gets a hand in Han’s face as Stephon attempts to block the shot. However, it’s an unsuccessful attempt that finds Dejun’s massive body soaring over Marbury’s smaller frame, dunking the ball in the net with great aplomb. After the slam dunk, the Shaq from China gives a screaming face celebration worthy of any NBA game.

As reported by Yahoo! News, DeJun, who is only 25-years old, was dubbed “The Chinese Shaq” in January by the basketball blog Basketball Buddha, due to Han’s huge seven-foot, one-inch-tall frame and hefty 300 pounds. DeJun’s large stature is reminiscent of Shaquille O’Neal’s large frame.

DeJun plays for the Liaoning Flying Leopards in the CBA — short for the Chinese Basketball Association — and apparently Marbury underestimated Asia’s version of Shaq, says Bleacher Report‎ because after going up against DeJun, Stephon ended up on the floor of the basketball court, positively posterized by Han’s dunk in his face.

The overseas Shaq has an average of about 14.6 points per game and nearly eight rebounds for each game. Han’s team is in second place, and once DeJun got the pass, the center quickly “threw the hammer down” into the basket with two hands — despite Marbury’s attempt to slap the ball away and get a hand in DeJun’s face.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Marbury has been the subject of plenty of news reports that peg Stephon as broke and in danger of losing his home, along with troubles experienced in his marriage, which his wife Tasha had to address on Basketball Wives. Reports about several hundreds of thousands of dollars in “hush money” that Marbury allegedly paid to a chef with whom he reportedly had an adulterous affair contributed to the money problems and controversy.

[Image via YouTube]