Mother Who Decapitated 3-Month-Old Daughter Previously Hospitalized For Mental Problems

A 20-year-old Ohio mother, who was known to have a history of mental issues, reportedly stabbed her 3-month-old baby daughter, Janiyah, 15 times as well as decapitating her.

The mother, Deasia Watkins, allegedly went to bed soaked in blood after the murder. The baby was discovered by the woman’s aunt, with whom she lived.

The aunt made a frantic call to 911 on Monday, saying, “Somebody please send the police! My niece killed our baby! Please! Help me!”

When the shocked woman became too distressed to continue the conversation with dispatch, her son took the phone, telling the operator, “Lady, the baby is on my mom’s kitchen counter with its head smashed. Can you please just send the police as fast as you can.”

When the dispatch asked the man if the baby was breathing, the man responded, “Listen lady, the baby is deceased.”

When pushed to describe the scene further, the man exclaimed, “Look, lady. I don’t want to describe the scene. The [scene] is very, very bad, alright? The little baby’s head is open. Like, open open.”

As the soon as the cops arrived, they found the decapitated baby with the knife placed in her hand.

The suspect was found asleep covered in blood and was arrested for aggravated murder and then taken to a hospital for mental evaluation.

Joe Deters, the Hamilton County prosecutor told reporters about Watkins, “She’s like a zombie. We’re hoping to get her some medication so she can begin talking. Until she gets in front of some doctors and talks, it’s going to be very difficult to know what her motivation was. No matter what the motivation was, no one is going to be able to explain this.'”

Having already been in the hospital for mental issues, Watkins was reportedly diagnosed with postpartum psychosis. She gave birth to her daughter in December.

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