Bobbi Kristina Brown Update: Why Bobby Brown Can’t Let Go

Rumors are again circulating that Bobbi Kristina Brown may be brain dead after spending nearly two months in a coma due to a near drowning in her own bathtub, an incident that mirrors almost exactly the way Bobbi Kristina’s mother, the lovely songstress Whitney Houston, perished three years ago. In fact, the close proximity to the anniversary of Houston’s death left many speculating if Bobbi Kristina Brown purposely attempted to end her life in the same manner.

As time has gone by, the Bobbi Kristina Brown case has only become more confusing. Although we know the police are investigating the event as a criminal case and that Nick Gordon, foster brother-turned-fiance of Bobbi Kristina, is a person of interest, we have no solid details. Rumors cycle between murder, suicide, accident, and drug overdose. The Brown family has remained firmly silent about details, at least those who are actually authorized to speak on Bobbi Kristina’s behalf. Father Bobby Brown has simply asked for peace during this difficult time and has requested that we #PrayForBK.

Bobbi Kristina And Dad

Very little has been said about the enormous decisions resting on the shoulders of Bobby Brown as he faces losing his daughter. It is difficult enough to spend day after day watching your child hooked up to a plethora of medical equipment, every day passing the same as the last, as you pray and wait for something to happen. Each day feels longer than the last. Doctors tried to bring Bobbi Kristina out of the coma, but unfortunately, her body went through such severe seizures she had to be returned to a comatose state. Bobbi Kristina also recently underwent a tracheostomy.

Dr. Subhashini Ramesh, a professor of NeuroCritical Care at Georgia Regents University, shared his opinion of this type of illness with People. He has not worked personally with Bobbi Kristina.

“They take them off a medically induced coma for two reasons – because the underlying problem has improved, or to simply get a sense of what the patient is able to do for themselves. Obviously, she did not meet the criteria for brain death if she underwent a tracheostomy. She still could have a devastating injury, though.”

At the time, the seizures were seen as a small positive sign, in that at least it meant Bobbi Kristina was not brain dead. Now those ugly rumors are returning, along with reports that the family has gathered to decide how to proceed. According to the Atlanta Daily World, the Brown and Houston families do not agree on a course of action. Many sources report the Houstons are pressuring Bobby Brown to take Bobbi Kristina off life support.

Again, it doesn’t seem like the emotions of Bobby Brown have been taken into account. We know that his relationship with Bobbi Kristina has been a rocky road, and maybe that makes it harder, rather than easier, to make the final decision to let go, if her condition has indeed deteriorated to that point. In a 2012 report by Us Weekly, an inside source stated that Bobbi Kristina refused to attend the wedding of her father to Alicia Etheridge, and goes on to state that the relationship between Bobby Brown and Krissi has been “strained, and marred by long periods of estrangement.”

“Bobby Brown was desperate for her to go to his recent wedding, but she would not return his calls… Bobby got a go-between to contact Bobbi Kristina to try and persuade her, but she told them she was not going because she did not like Alicia, and that she was [busy] filming her reality show with [aunt] Pat Houston in New York.”

Keeping this in mind might help us gain a better understanding of how Bobby Brown must be feeling. With a past checkered with hurt and disappointment, making the decision to let Bobbi Kristina fade away takes away his last chance at mending fences once and for all with Bobbi Kristina. No parent wants to face that.

So, let’s put judging aside and pray for Bobbi Kristina and her family.

[Images via Ice Cream Conversations/New York Daily News]