Delray Beach Doctor Charged With Sexual Battery Of Patients

A Delray Beach doctor is behind bars today under allegations that he sexually assaulted several of his former patients and office staff. His bond has been set at $50,000.

Dr. Manuel Abreu, formerly a dermatological internist at Personal Physician Care on Linton Ave, is being charged with sexual battery, with his medical license under suspension pending the criminal investigation.

The first complaint was filed against Dr. Abreu in April by a patient that claims the doctor molested her after he performed a minor procedure. The Sun Sentinel reports that the unidentified woman claims that Dr. Abreu was cleaning a wound on her thigh when his hand traveled up between her legs. After the procedure, she went to the office manager to file a complaint, who asked her to write the incident down and then bring it back to the office.

The patient then went to the police department to file a report citing the doctor’s inappropriate actions.

Delray PD stated that, after receiving the first complaint, they received three additional complaints from two other women whom claim the doctor molested them, one even being a medical assistant from his office.

Another female patient came forward stating that the doctor had molested her at the Largo office, not far from the Delray Beach location. Adam Horowitz, an attorney representing the patients, has stated that a total of seven women have come forward with allegations of sexual battery involving Dr. Manuel Abreu.

There are also charges being filed against the facility for apparently knowing about the doctor’s inappropriate actions and doing nothing about the complaints.

WPTV reports that Personal Physician Care has yet to comment on the charges, but states that Dr. Abreu hasn’t worked for the Delray Beach office since 2014.

While there are multiple complaints that have been filed against the Dr. Abreu, there are several patients that claim to have never had a bad experience with the internist. Victoria Van Pelt told WPTV that she saw Dr. Abreu as her primary doctor for more than a year and said that he never touched her inappropriately. She had heard rumors of his behavior, but was still surprised to see him arrested.

Several other patients of the Delray Beach practice stated that the clinic does a wonderful job, and that the allegations against Dr. Abreu should not reflect on the office itself.

Doctors have a responsibility to care for patients, and yet can somehow lose their sense of morality when dealing with the very people they have made a life upon treating. Recently, as reported by the Inquisitr, a Dr. James Morgan of Rugby, U.K., has been charged with providing “date rape” and other drugs to a university polo club president for a get together at the doctor’s residence. The 29-year-old polo player subsequently died from interactions with the drugs.

[Image courtesy of Palm Beach Post]