Hilary Duff: New Color Of Hair Channels Blue Mermaid As She Reveals Secret ‘Wicked Good Time’ Pal [Photos]

Hilary Duff is tickled by turquoise, the new color of her hair. The 27-year-old actress went on vacation and apparently was inspired by mermaids, judging by her reference to those mythical creatures in her blue-dye delighted post, reported E News.

With a photo of her turquoise transformation, Hilary gave a shout-out to the stylists.”@Ambahhh turned me into a mermaid last night… love all u girls @riawnacapri @nikkilee901 @ninezeroone xx”

Duff’s dye job came just after a vacation that she enjoyed with her 23-month-old son Luca and girlfriends. In addition, the former teen idol shared how fabulous she feels about her body and encouraged other moms.

“Hey #moms #westillgotit #loveyourbod.”

But that positive self-image came only after Duff succeeded in transforming her life in every way in her late teens, according to Us Weekly.

Hilary admits that she struggled with determining her real friends versus those attracted to her only because of her success as a child star. So, she forced herself to do what she’s now calling a “friend cleanse,” and Duff takes pride in her diligence in separating pals from pretenders.

“At 19, I did a massive friend cleanse. That was really hard, to sit down with people and say ‘We can’t be friends anymore.’ They were like ‘That’s f**ked up; you’re a b*tch.’ But having a good reputation was important to me. That’s not to say I didn’t screw up and do little naughties here and there.”

Hilary Duff goes blue for new color of hair.
Hilary Duff feels blue.

Duff was also candid about her male relationships from the past. She wants to make it clear that her fans sometimes need a wake-up call that their teen idol is now a full-fledged adult. But being an adult also means eliminating friends who might tempt her to become a wild child.

“I don’t have to prove to people that I’m an adult now. I am an adult,” emphasized Hilary. “It’s frustrating to be put in a box, but I never needed to wild out to show that I’m grown-up.”

In addition, Duff discussed her former boyfriend Joel Madden and the discrepancy in their ages. They were together when she was only 16-years-old, and Hilary often is asked when she lost her virginity.

“I had a 26-year-old boyfriend. So everyone can make their own assumptions about what I was doing.”

So is there anything that Hilary hasn’t revealed? Oh yes, she confessed. But that relationship is going to stay a secret.

“I think everyone should have something where you know it’s not exactly what you’re looking for but you just have a wicked good time. That was freeing for me and a bit of an awakening. It’s fun to have a secret.”

Duff’s revelations about growing up reflect those of Kylie Jenner as the Inquisitr reported. Jenner also felt forced to respond to fans about the changes she’s experienced since her very public childhood.

“You guys have watched me grow up since I was 9. My face is going to get different,” said Kylie of criticism that she might have had plastic surgery.

What do you think of Hilary Duff’s new color choice for her hair? Love it or hate it? Post your comments below.

[Image Via Hilary Duff/Instagram]