Rescued Fox Cub Dog: Captive-Bred Fox Goes On Walks, Wags Tail Like A Dog

A rescued fox cub acts like a dog, according to his owner. Sport Act reports that a 4-month-old cub named Todd was raised by Emma D’Sylva. Todd is now 11-months-old, and while he’s technically a “wild animal,” he really is no different from D’Sylva’s other dogs, whom he gets along with swimmingly.

“Todd has been captive-bred so he has never been in the wild. I’ve had him since he was about four months old because his previous owners couldn’t look after him any more. I get people coming over to me asking if he is a fox and if they can stroke him. He is very playful with me. He will run up to me wagging his tail when I go to feed him and he will roll over to have his belly tickled. He will come into the house but he has got a purpose built enclosure and he much prefers being outside,” D’Sylva told Mail Online.

The rescued fox cub that acts like a dog goes on walks (on a leash!) and even wags his tail when he is happy or excited. He lives among D’Sylva’s 40-something other pets, which include a skunk, a raccoon, lizards, and snakes. Mail Online reports that having a fox as a pet in England is, in fact, legal.

“Foxes have not been domesticated and a fox in captivity would have the same needs as in the wild. Anyone who keeps these animals is under a legal obligation to meet their needs under the Animal Welfare Act 2006,” said an RSPCA spokesperson.

Interestingly enough, people all over the world keep “wild animals” as domesticated pets. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there was a story about a family living in Europe with a pet lion. Of course, the world didn’t learn about it until the lion attacked a house guest. The shocking video had people debating whether or not lions should be kept as pets. While some people apparently think it’s “cool,” most agree that it’s dangerous and that animals who are meant to live in the wild should remain in the wild. What’s your take on this? Do you think animals like foxes and skunks are okay to have as domestic pets?

[Photo courtesy of Facebook]