‘Jerry Springer’ Producer Arrested For Murder, Sister Likely Killed By BBQ Fumes

Yesterday afternoon, Jerry Springer producer Jill Blackstone was arrested for the alleged murder of her sister, Wendy. Now we’re finding out that Blackstone’s sister may not have been murdered, and instead might have died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

According to TMZ, Wendy Blackstone, 49, who was also deaf, was passed out in the garage of the house she shared with the Jerry Springer producer. According to authorities, a BBQ was in that garage and ash was present in the grill.

When Jill was brought in for questioning by the police, she told authorities that she was also passed out in the garage from the fumes. When she awoke, she saw her sister passed out and called the police for help. She had told the police that Wendy had killed herself.

When police arrived on the scene, there was a suicide note in Wendy’s hand, but it was originally believed that Jill wrote the note and not her sister. The police also noted that upon arrival, the garage reeked of carbon monoxide. In addition to Wendy, police found three dead dogs close by.

According to TMZ, authorities thought Jill might have had a stroke because when they arrived on the scene, her speech was slurred.

As the Inquisitr reported, the Jerry Springer producer was held on a $1 million bail, but is now free. Currently, she has no charges against her and an investigation is pending.

In addition to Jerry Springer, Jill Blackstone is also responsible for producing television shows such as The Tony Danza Show, Divorce Court, and Family Court With Judge Penny.

Currently, Twitter is still talking about this shocking news.

What do you think about this strange case? Is Jill Blackstone covering up a murder, or was this all just a coincidence?

[Image via NBC Universal]