May 24, 2017
Lana Del Rey 'Endless Summer' Followed By 'Honeymoon' World Tour?

Lana Del Rey has been laying low over the past months -- perhaps in preparation for her upcoming "Endless Summer" tour and the recording of her upcoming album, Honeymoon. Regardless, fans have missed seeing regular updates on Twitter and Instagram from her that give clues about what Lana Del Rey will do next. At best, there have been a few morsels of gossip, such as Lana Del Rey's unofficial feud with fashion policer Kathy Griffin.

While embers burn between Lana Del Rey and Kathy Griffin, her fans across America are gearing up for her North American 2015 "Endless Summer" tour that starts on May 7 in Texas. However, the burning question for international fans is whether or not Lana Del Rey will do a world tour after her American tour ends on June 16 in Florida.

Lana Del Rey planted the seed by calling the tour "Endless Summer" -- and unfortunately, the time gap of 13 weeks between the end of summer and the end of her American tour gives fans something to speculate about. After all, is this supposed to be an "endless summer" or what? Summer doesn't end until September 22.

Naturally, fans overseas want Lana Del Rey to use those 13 weeks wisely -- namely, to come visit them. On Lana Del Rey's website, there are multiple comments from people in Australia, Brazil, France, Russia, Spain, England, Israel, Portugal, Mexico, and Germany that all want to know if she will be performing there soon.

How much do fans overseas adore Lana Del Rey? Those that have had a chance to see Lana Del Rey outside of America were quick to give details about her performances. One fan spoke about her show in Paris and said, "I saw Lana in Paris on April 28th 2013... Each day that passes by, reminds us of that beautiful day and all our souvenirs about You. I couldn't believe it when I got my tickets and cried when I saw her on stage. It was AMAZING!!!!... Lana you're a Queen!!! I really hope you'll come back to France. Thank You Lana for existing!!! [sic]"

Lana Del Rey played Germany in 2014, and fans in places like Berlin are very particular about her returning because they felt cheated compared to her previous performances in Frankfurt. Comments from German fans posted on Lana Del Rey's German ticket website stated that they wanted to see her return because the sound was messed up during her show -- and it killed the vibe.

Is there any promise that Lana Del Rey will continue touring in 2015 -- and expand the tour worldwide? So far, the only hints that Lana Del Rey will be playing outside of America are her two Canadian tour dates in Montreal and Toronto.

What we do know is that Lana Del Rey will be releasing a new album in August called Honeymoon. Perhaps once Lana Del Rey releases Honeymoon, she will reward fans with a world tour? For now, Lana Del Rey fans will have to wait for an answer.

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