Street Brawl At Alabama School Bus Stop: Features Baseball Bats, Fists And A Gun [Video]

A witness to the street brawl took cell phone footage of the event as it unfolded in the street at a school bus stop. Two groups of rival teens can be seen fighting with baseball bats, brass knuckles, large sticks and it doesn’t stop until a woman pulls out a handgun and fires. To make matters worse, a school bus is forced to stop right next to the unruly crowd, unable to move as they enter the street and continue to beat one another.

In the video posted by YouTube user jskuntryboi, you can see a school bus stopped behind a crowd of angry teens. The two groups of teens have words and, seemingly out of nowhere, a full on brawl erupts. In addition to the teens in the fight, it appears some parents joined in as well. People can be seen beating on another as the school bus looks on. The fight seems to slow down as one group moves to the other side of the road. However, the fight is far from over.

As a group of people move to the other side of the road and begin heading towards their parked vehicles, the other group comes across the road and begins to argue again. Again, a brawl ensues. One man falls to the ground as he is kicked and beaten with bats. All of this continues until one woman in a black tank top can be seen pulling out a handgun. As the handgun is drawn, the crowd disperses across the street. Surprisingly, even as the handgun is present, the school bus never moves. The driver never attempts to backup or exit the scene. Instead, the bus stays put throughout the entire fight.

The Daily Mail reports that the fight happened in Jenna, Alabama, and that the Greene County Sheriff’s Office has arrested several people from the video.

“Lt. Jeremy Rancher has not confirmed how many people were arrested as a result of the fracas but both minors and adults were arrested on charges that varied from second degree assault to disorderly conduct.”

Do you think the school bus driver should have done more to exit the scene of the street brawl?